Ula river by Anton Immler
The Ula is one of the all time classics around the Sjoa region. It generally runs early in the season or after rainfall. It has everything from fun and easy slides to some of the most challenging waterfalls. From the top put in there are a few smaller slides set in a beautiful scenery high above the tree line. Shortly after you get to Matze's drop which is a very unique 18 meter tall reconnecting waterfall. Very few people run this drop as it is extremely difficult. Best portage is on the river left side. Right after you paddle through a small gorge until you get to the top of the slides. There is an alternative put in here. The slides themselves are both fun and forgiving. It's easy to run them over and over again and a solid class 3 kayaker will have no problems getting down them at lower levels. The slides end with a 4 meter waterfall that has a nasty shelf in the landing on the left side. It is easy to eddy out and walk around it if you wish. After the slides there are a few smaller drops and rapids before you get to the Ula Waterfalls. The first and second waterfall are fairly straight forward but the third one has a small undercut on the left side and the pool bellow is very small. Make sure to set safety as there is a big 18 meter waterfall right after it. The 18 meter waterfall is also runnable but again the landing pool is very small. Safety on both sides is a must if you run this drop. The next waterfall can be run too but has a bad cave on it and soon after the river flows through an unrunnable gorge.