The MUKSU - Tajikistan
The Muksu river :

Since the Soviet Union time when the first quality maps appeared people started to explore peaks and lakes, deep gorges and wild rivers of mountainous regions of Central Asia. Among the others Muksu river was one of the last explored rivers on the map and probably the hardest from the list in terms of inaccessibility and difficulty of whitewater.
Muksu river is flowing from 2 highest peaks in Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan and in the former Soviet Union -Ismoil Somoni Peak 7495m., and Ibn SinaPeak (still unofficially known as Lenin Peak) 7134m.
This river has been paddled only by 3 groups of kayakers (1st from Russia in 2006 and 2nd from USA in 2007 and 2013) and just few groups of Russian rafters.

Apart from difficult whitewater the TEAM will have to deal with the difficult access to the river.

The Muksu is regarded as one of the most difficult rivers in the former Soviet Union, a glacial torrent cutting through a series of blind canyons in the thin air of the high Pamirs, known in the Tajik language as the "Roof of the World." Just getting to the put in would involve six days of driving along the fabled Silk Road, and a 20-mile hike over a 15,000-foot pass while carrying boats and supplies for 10 days on the river. Only three parties had run the river before and the last, in 2013, had been forced to evacuate a team member due to high altitude pulmonary edema.

The mission was the final step in a seven-year project to run the most difficult and committing rivers in the former Soviet Union, including the Bashkaus in Siberia and the Sary-jaz in Kyrgyzstan. Trip leader Thomass Marnics of Latvia and filmmaker Olaf Obsommer of Germany had assembled a strong crew of German and Russian paddlers for the task.