Lower Crooked Fork Creek

Here are a few videos of our first run down lower Crooked Fork Creek. Also a few laps on Potter's falls.
My Journey into a New World comments 1

This is going to be my public journal as I begin my path as a kayaker. This is basically from start, as I am just now beginning my endeaver, to what will be the present or future. Can you keep up?
Gettin Green! comments 1

Had to get Geen and support the cause.  Also, want to take it up a notch this year, so I need some Safety minded boaters to paddle with.  Love the Upper Green, but would like to explore some other options (ie natural flow) in the area-SE that is.  Also hoping to make it to Mexico next year with Leland.  Give a shout if you want to paddle.
Carpal Tunnel and Me

This is the riveting journey of one woman's fight against carpal tunnel.  A must read.  A true page-turner.
kayaking journal (most recent trips at bottom of blog) likes 1 comments 1

Weblog my kayaking trip journal.
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