*** White water rafting in the Buller Gorge, with rafting expertise on the west coast of New Zealand. ***

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Paying our respects and dues to the River Gods.
Some action from the Mank Tank of the world: Nelson County.
This is a short blip from my North Shore kayak trip in May 2009. John Alt and Chris Gallaway run the 30-foot falls on the Cypress River, near Nipigon Canada on the extreme northern edge of Lake Superior. Some carnage ensues.
The boys rallied to DC during the government shutdown to find some high water Great Falls. Enjoy.

Paddlers- George Boss, Matt Wright, Robert Waldron, Ian Wingert, Wyatt Hyndman, Ray Kessler
Filmed By- Matt Wright, George Boss, Wes Johnson
Editing- Wylder Cooper

Song: Dont Blame Me (For You)- Kids These Days
White water rafting at Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 2

Music Credits:
The National- Graceless
Carrie and Ian run through Pierce Ferry Rapid on Lake Mead.
H24.5 NHKで放送された「フリースタイルカヤック早岐ウェーブ」の映像です。
フィールフリーカヤック のイメージ映像です。
PRESENTED BY  鈴春工業株式会社

An HG film of freestyle kayaking at Marsh Weir on Thames. With Hugo Scott and Olly Parry-Evans with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Supported by Mitchell Blades.
A short video of the 4th weir on the flood relief channel (Jubilee River) near slough on 11/01/2014.
The McNasty - The Playboating Bible. This shows you the ICF definitions on how to McNasty in Freestyle Kayaking. Film by Jez, Skippy Films with thanks to Eric Jackson, Nick Troutman, Dane Jackson, Hunter Katich, Claire O'Hara, Jason Craig, Clay Wright, Ruth Gordon.
In this instructional video for whitewater kayaking and canoeing, swiftwater rescue instructor Jim Coffey shows you the basic techniques for self-rescue, your first and best option for escaping trouble on the river. He discusses how to swim to safety as well as how to avoid dangerous foot entrapment in moving water. These are important skills to learn and master for safe paddling.
In September of 2013, four kayakers set out to discover the Magpie river on Quebec’s north shore. It was a first self supported whitewater trip for most of us. What we found, was a unique landscape and a beautiful river with exhilarating, constant class 4 rapids. The Magpie is endangered because of its hydro electric potential. With this video, I hope to motivate people to make the trip, discover this place and help protect it for future generations.

Paddlers: Jean-Philippe Paiement, Guillaume Boulanger, Jérôme Lanouette and Dylan Page

By: Dylan Page From: Canada

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A short part of our trip in Norway in the summer 2013.

By: Nathan Barbier / PEK From: France

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A film made in the late winter in freezing conditions showing what the world champion can do on an intimidating day, even for the local surfers.
By: Austen Davies From: Uk
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Follow LP (from Quebec connection crew) into is love for kayaking. Over past, present and future…Take a kayak is a short film about love of rivers. The Intro has been shot during a sunny -25°C day at Cepal slalom course in Saguenay. The winter timelapse is a shot of the Saguenay river. Next to that is the really nice frames from Skip Armstrong that has been shot on the Mistassibi river during spring 2012. Then… Take a kayak!

By: Louis Philippe « LP » Rivest / Quebec Connection From: Canada

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In this video I chatted with a bunch of racers about where they are from, why they race, and what worries them the most about race day.
Shane Benedict is a whitewater legends, green river veteran, co owner of liquid logic kayaks (, and a great friend of kayak session!