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Runs include:
Green Narrows
North Fork of the Payette
Blackfoot Canyon
After a few runs a piece some boys from the Carolinas decide to lead them selves down the Lower V of the North Fork of the Payette.
Black Canyon of the Bear Boo Boo
Black Canyon of the Bear Boo Boo
Lower Mesa Hand Paddling Carnage
Vallecito, South Mineral, Bottom drop Wolf Creek, Crazy Woman Creek, Rockwood Box.

Juice Sauce,
Compilation of the high lights of this season. Footage from North Fork of the Payette, Gore Canyon, Fremont Canyon, Bluegrass Creek, Little White Salmon, and tons of other places. Likes and Comments are appreciated. Enjoy!
Juice Sauce!
From the North West to New Mexico, The Unlimiting Factor premieres Friday August 10th at Bailey Fest 2012

Juice Sauce!
Crystal Drainage, Let down your mullet and turn up the music.

Juice Sauce,
Chase Nobles
Bailey Fest 2012
Turn on the Tunnel

Juice Sauce
A little footage highlighting my move from Colorado to Washington. A lot of the footage features Ernies Canyon, Robe Canyon, and a few hucks such as Upper Lewis, Lower Lewis, Limp Wrist, and Honey Balls Falls.

Chase Nobles
California's Dinkey Creek
Mexico's Rio Alseseca