Stinger XP!! really nice evening on the Green River. I took the Stinger XP out to check out a couple things. I wanted to see how the hatch, strap system, skeg, and bulkhead held up to a lot of whitewater and punishment. This is my second run in it and it held up like a champ. A piton at Zwicks, and runs of all the big drops on the Green. If it holds up to that its well worth taking down your local run. The other thing I wanted to do was smoke past my friends mid rapid. I apologized later.. :)
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Amazing 11 days in the remote wilderness of Siberia. Paddled the Kitoy River and its tributary, the Biluti River.
Teaser of the movie "Adventure Rio Amazon". A documentation about the first descent of the most upper part of the Rio Amazon. On the tracks of the german adventurer Herbert Rittlingers
Trailer zum Film über eine Wildwasser Expedition zur Quelle des Amazonas. Auf den Spurendes deutschen Abenteurers Herbert Rittlingers macht sich eine deutsche Gruppe auf den Weg sein 1937 begonnenes Projekt zu Ende zu bringen.
Von Oktober bis Dezember 2012 waren Florian Fischer, Nils Dippon, Pirmin Dlugosch und Sepp Cetinköprülü in Peru unterwegs um den obersten Amazonas, welcher dort noch Rio Lauricocha und später Rio Marañon heißt, vom Quellsee aus im Kajak erstzubefahren.
Im Dokumentarfilm begeben sie sich auf die Spuren Herbert Rittlingers, ein deutsche Abenteurer und Reiseschriftsteller, der sich schon vor 75 Jahren an dem gleichen Projekt versuchte, jedoch scheiterte und das Vorhaben abbrechen musste. Der Film zeigt außerdem Eindrücke von Natur, Menschen und der Kultur Perus. Auch die vier Kajakfahrer werden bei ihrer Befahrung an die persönlichen Grenzen kommen.
Eine Reise in das Unbekannte.
short Plattling session with the new EXO Xg and Nils Dippon, Sepp Cetinköprülü and Flo Fischer
Discover the paradise of whitewater and expensive beer.
Ten Chilean kayakers from the remote Patagonian town of Cochrane, Chile will paddle the Grand Canyon to learn about how the Colorado River has been impacted by dams, and what is at stake for their home river. We need your help to make this trip possible. Check out a crowd funding campaign we've launched this month:

Ríos to Rivers, a nonprofit organization, is uniting young kayakers from Patagonia, Chile and Colorado with kayaking expeditions in Chile on the Río Baker and in the US on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The Chilean kayakers will see for the first time a mega-dam and the resultant impacts on the river. US students will experience the majesty of an undeveloped river flowing through a pristine wilderness. The group will learn about the ecological impacts of dams, explore viable renewable energy sources, and take part in cultural exchange. More information

More information about the youth kayak club from the remote town of Patagonia Chile and the award winning film about the club by Rios to Rivers founder
Canoeing down various whitewater creeks in the Waldens Ridge watershed.
A trailer for the documentary, "2600 above 60." This film follows four young men on a 2600-mile canoe journey across northern Canada.
On Saturday June 16th, a group of expert kayakers embarked on a journey down a section of the South Fork of the Kings river in California. The section is officially called Horseshoe Bend but most often referred to simply as Fear And Loathing. While the run had been done plenty of times before, the available beta on it was minimal and what beta there was told of stories of potentially unrunnable, unscoutable, unportageable rapids deep within the gorge. The team decided to put on and see for themselves.

CAUTION: The water level we had that day was approximately 900cfs at Rodgers Crossing and our review of the run is based on that water level. Horseshoe bend is an extremely commiting deep gorge and at other water levels there may be rapids that you can not portage. Please venture in at your own risk.

Laura Farrell
Gareth Tate
Taylor Cavin
Willy Pell
Scott Ligare
David Maurier
Middy Tighman


Produced by: -Gareth Tate- & -Laura Farrell-
After some local rainfall in Western North Carolina Gareth Tate and an awesome crew (Clay Lucas, Matt Anger, Dave Fusilli, Mac Magee) got a beautiful October lap on one of the East Coasts best class v+ rivers. This video highlights some giant slides that make this granite wonderland such a Southeast whitewater gem.

Shot: October 3 2012.
Presented by :
Video: Clay Lucas, Dave Fussili, Gareth Tate.

-A 7 Finger Media Production-
OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER MARKET – is the world’s largest outdoor sports industry gathering in the world, bringing retailers and media together with over 1000 brands in the business of producing and selling the active outdoor lifestyle. Brands include Timberland, The North Face, W.L. Gore, Columbia Sportswear, Patagonia, Merrell and ; buyers include REI, The Sports Authority, Cabelas, Nordstrom, and thousands of other retailers. Media players include Outside Magazine, National Geographic, Men’s Journal and hundreds more, including non-endemics like WSJ, Forbes, Newsweek. 21,000+ overall attendees. 250,000 page impressions/month around showtime.
7 Finger Media made it this year to check in on whats new with some of it's favorite companies. See the latest from:
Shred Ready takes you to the West shore of Donner Lake near Truckee, CA for a lap on the local backcountry treat called "The Lake Run".

In 2013 Shred Ready Helmets released its second helmet in thier new snow line called the "Eleven". Together with the "Forty4" helmet Shred ready now offers a killer line of snow protection.

Check all of Shred Ready's helmets here:

Special thanks to the Lake Run locals;
Eric Petlock, Jared Licht, Seth Dow, Ivan Michel.

-A 7 Finger Media production.
Astral reminds us why it's important to always respect the runout after finishing a big run. Check out Gareth Tate's run-in with the Flume after a stellar "no swim" trip down Dinkey Creek in California.

Footage: Robby Hogg, Gareth Tate
Follow Gareth Tate as he and a group of kayakers navigate one of California's most famous overnight runs.

Paddlers: Robby Hogg, Eric Giddens, Emily Shanblatt, Seth Dow, Geno Hacker, Gareth Tate.
Filming: Gareth Tate, Robby Hogg, Seth Dow.

Special thanks to:
for making the best gear in the industry.
"New technology, blended with a long, fast focus" is what Pat Keller says inspired the Green Boat. There is hardly a boat out there with a history as rich as this one.