Bristol University Paddlers brave the waters of the French Alps.

Dangerous Dave is joined by Geordie Dan is some insane Duo Action.

Rivers include the Durance, Gyr, Gyronde, Chateaux Queyras and the Argentiere Slalom Site.
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On a hot summer California day a few years ago we took it easy on a mild section of whitewater and Taylor Martin had a huge lizard in his boat that got "fresh" w him. Will Pruett (is he not on Fbook anymore?) still has a better, closer shot in his files but I am not sure the world would want to view it…but maybe so. Bett Adams Chas Lemley John Lindsay Nick Murphy Ya can't tell in the video but the lizard eventually peaked out from his undercarriage and jumped for its life. Taylor buddy nice dance moves. Thanks for the laugh! (Some profanities in the video)
kayak Cheoah
An edit I made of the Green River in NC at 200% release. First video, mainly just for practice so sorry it's almost entirely GoPro footage.

Song is "One Two" by The Cool Kids
Spanking the Ocoee Duo style!
Messing around in the Jib...
Jason Pyle,Jim Perkins,Travis Camp,Kelli Redmon ,Josh Anderson and others on the Upper Nantahala release.
Huge GCA group on sec 3.5 on a 70 degree Jan. day!
Kids and adults acting like kids on New Year's Day
Doing stern squirts and generally just goofing around with my friend's son
Judy R.,David L.,Sandra K. D.,Marty,Larry S and others on the Crooked Fork in Tenn.
Locations: Brush Creek, Dry Meadow Creek, Kaweah, Tule, South Branch of the Middle Fork Feather

Music: The Naked and Famous - Punching in a Dream

Matthias Karl
Martin Kaltenbach
Florian Fischer
Music by Bag Raiders: Way Back Home
with Nils Dippon, Jonas Gruenewald, Christian Hoelzl, Flo Fischer
A short video about some boating in 2011 and 2012.