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Tallulah Fest Entry Video:

A collection of shots that I have collected over the past year or so. From the west coast down in the jungles of Mexico, it's been one hell of a time.

Paddlers: Ryan McAvoy, Dylan McKinney, Jordan Poffenberger, Geoff Callhoun, Alex Matthews, Colin Hunt, Ty Caldwell, and Matt Anger
This was an awesome trip! We paddled about 40 miles in two days. Living out of your kayak is so nice!
The Meadow river is a tributary to the Gauley. It drops into the Gauley at the top of Lost Paddle, one of the bigger rapids on the Gauley.
Running the Green for a couple months, good times out on my favorite daily run, the Narrows is good for the soul.

The Holy Waters of the Pacific Northwest are home. Pristine crystal church-ness seeping from underground fills the natural gutters of the Cascade mountain rang creating a whitewater head quarters unlike any other. With a solid spring season behind us we filled hard drives with some of the PNW's greatest waters. Enjoy and relax as we show you Holy Waters and take you to our Church!

Shot on: Canon 7D and Go Pro HD3
Each winter, kayakers from around the world leave the cold of the northern hemisphere for the crystal clear rivers of Chile. With amazing rivers and waterfalls running from the Andes to the Pacific, the summer in Chile is paradise for kayakers. Follow along as Clay Lucas, Russell Davies, Kris Belozer, Thomas Voessing, JP Griffith, Glenn Dalgleish, and Colin Hunt travel around Chile chasing the dream of running the worlds best whitewater.
Interior Stand Up Paddling ( spending some time with and the Humpback Whales at Marietas Islands near Punta Mita Mexico. Definitely a major highlight from our trip to Mexico this year. Huge THANKS to Pacific Paddle, Felix (the whale whisperer), Horacio (chachin), Our captain Travis, Starboard SUP, GoPro Hero2 and of course the Humpbacks. See you again next year.... ;)
I spent two weeks out on the west coast spending most of our time in Hood River. We managed to get on The Burnt Ranch Gorge of the Trinity, The Lower Wind River, 4 laps of The Green Truss, 3 laps of The Little White Salmon and a park and huck at Celestial. We scouted Eagle Creek and Bridal Veil but both were too low. Thanks to any locals for showing us the lines. Can't wait to get back out there next year!
It was Fall Break 2013 at App State so we headed to the Green for some of our last practice laps. Check it
Here's a few clips from some of my early and recent days of whitewater kayakin.
My 2nd time down this beautiful creek in North Georgia
This was my first time down the Narrows...I didn't go too early...or too late. Hope you enjoy.
Hey LVM Fam! I couldn't remember if there's been a Golden Hand Paddle Stroke on there yet (I'm sure Keith's got 'em stacked up waitin' to unleash 'em though) and was lookin' over some footage. This was from yet another fun filled day on the Georgia gem Overflow Creek. Here's a little background to set up the clip. I'm usually a hand paddler when it comes to Class V, because my roll with a stick can be flakey under pressure. Well on this day I talked my buddy Greg Watson into droppin' his paddle and hand paddlin' with me. I ran Marginal Monster way better than I did my first time (melted down-super deep), but did not strike Gold like Watson did. Here ya go!
Theses Tallualah first timers did awesome and fired up Oceana as well.
All I have to say is California is an amazing playground. We showed ourselves down every river we hopped on which added even more adventure to our adventure. Here's some action from Hospital Rock section of Kaweah, EF Kaweah, Upper Cherry Creek, Clover Creek, and some of the downtime in between. Enjoy.
Greg Garrard and Sam Causey havin' some fun in Tennessee. We can't wait for the Versa Stick to come out Woody! It handled better than we thought it would-especially at the kneeling stance. ENJOY.
Found some footage from '09/'10 Winter. Enjoy.