WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY !!! me, josh n jack kayaking at the nene ww center
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Gore Canyon in late October. Virtual kayaking on the Colorado River with Ken Hoeve (paddler) and Scott Willoughby.

A father and son kayaking mission to run Montana Creek, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska - September 2008. Filmed with a Flip Ultra camera ($130) in a waterproof case ($35).
Rough Cut edit of helmet cam video of my 1st rappel on Bridge Day 08.

Class IV-V boating on the Stone Valley section of the Raquette in Colton, NY.

c.layne: Water is Bad (Mattstack mix)
Ray Mang: Not So Fantastic
Dr. Octagon: I'm Destructive
Green River Adventure's Rapid Experiences trip to Costa Rica.
Highlights of trip 2008.
Kimshew creek 08
Southeastern boaters head west.
Gary took his niece Kirsten down the Nantahala on Saturday after July 4th. On her first run at Falls, she hit the bottom hole, flipped and swam. I loaned them a paddle for a second run, and second time turned out to be one of the most spectacular runs I’ve witnessed at Nantahala Falls.

The paddler in the red Dagger Green boat is Jon Clark, an instructor at NOC.
Kayakers running the Narrows in the Green River Gorge just north of Saluda, NC. A very steep hike in but well worth it. One of the most beautiful, pristine areas in North Carolina.
John Grace is at it again with the cable cam- this time on the Homestake Creek Race in Vail, CO
Milsap Bar reading 1800 cfs. Mid May 2008
Gone Boating- whitewater kayaking

Paddled and Edited by Charlie Simmons

Creekboating and playboating footage
Rivers featured:
Little River Canyon
Green River Narrows
Chewacla Creek
Locust Fork
Tallapoosa River
Mulberry Creek
Big Scirim Creek
Coosa River
Saugahatchee Creek
Short Creek

Music By: Robert Randolph and the family band

All paddled between Jan-April 2008

Sam England
Jordan Sherman
Zach Nichols

Firing up the gnar in the Southeast.
Chasing Rain- bama boys go creeking
Edited by Charlie Simmons

Whitewater creek kayaking,
Footage from:
Green River Narrows, Little River canyon, Mulberry Creek, Chewacla creek, and much more

Paddlers: Charlie Simmons, Andy hobson, Adam Goshorn, Charlie Mix, Sam England, Jordan Sherman, Zach sanders, Zach nichols, Will dowling, Will turpin, and Mark Drake

Music: Galactic