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The Belly Boys continue their summer of fun, Dan B returns to the creek after many moons.
upper death rapid, colorado river
2 Miles of Daddy's Creek and 9 miles of Obed. Great summer day on the Cumberland Plateau...the rain gods have been in a good mood lately.
June 2009. Tennessee.
good creekin in cali baby!
EddyFlower's "Vertical Challenge" is a fundraising event, that consists of all types of paddling, for all abilities, all across the world!! Kayaking, River Boarding, Rafting, and Canoeing, it doesn't matter!! Participants help raise money for the "First Descents" foundation for young adults fighting cancer, while competing for amazing prizes!! Just good people having a good time on the river, for a good cause!! Come on, your going to paddle anyway's!! Join a team or form your own!! GET SIGNED UP!!

A special thanks to Kevin Cripps for all the video content!

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Artist: Pennywise
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Song: Fight Till You Die
With the Teva Mountain Games just around the corner it's time to drop into Homestake Creek to practice for the race we started 10 years ago. This year's "Bud Light Lime Steep Creek Championship" is sure to be a crowd pleaser once again as the best creek boaters in the World show up to race this section of river which drops 480 feet per mile. (the race is a 1/4 mile)

I popped on my helmet cam once again to share with you what its like to run these awesome rapids.
Here's me flipping, hitting my elbow, and swimming on a no-name rapid on the Tellico. oh goody!
A desert style creek run in western Colorado. Flows a couple of weeks a year in early spring. Helmet camera footage, Ken Hoeve. 5/2/09
A local run on some class I - II with my little boy.
Paddling footage from dec 2008- march 2009 from all over the southeast U.S.
Both creek boating and play boating

Paddled and Edited By Charlie Simmons
also featuring
Adam Goshorn
Jeremy Adkins
Danny "Hands" Flynt
Zach Sanders
Mark Travis

Music: Modest Mouse
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Crash ripping it up Moccasin Gap 8,500cfs
From vintage footage to in-depth interviews with the sport’s eclectic pioneers, this must-have documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at what inspires kayak and canoe paddlers to answer the call of the river. Order yours today!

Producer: Kent Ford (2008 Whitewater Hall of Fame Inductee)
93 minutes.

Whitewater’s history has as many twists and turns as the canyons its pioneers explored. Its story is a collage of unexpected influences, from building boats in friends’ basements to bribing damkeepers to release water. World champions defect from communist regimes and then utilize military by-products for equipment. Curiosity, ingenuity and outright audacity thrived as paddlers started exploring virgin runs and experimenting with designs and materials to make the sport easier.

The film chronicles the world of whitewater from its early beginnings in Europe through its position as a major outdoor sport in the world today. From the inaugural FIBArk race on Colorado’s Arkansas River, to Grumman Aviation entering the aluminum canoe business, the sport’s history is riddled with watershed moments, all of which have been painstakingly documented through more than 100 sources of footage spanning 80 years of history.

Learn how paddling exploded in the 1970s, spurred by the movie Deliverance, slalom’s inclusion in the 1972 Augsburg Olympics, and the advent of nearly indestructible plastic kayaks. Follow along as this cult-classic takes you from world champion defections from communist-occupied countries to the summer camps and clubs that fueled the sport’s early growth and continue to do so today. From early explorations in fragile wood and canvas boats to today’s multi-manufacturer line-up of creek, play and river-running kayaks, nowhere has the sport’s journey from obscurity to mainstream been so thoroughly unveiled.

Nearly 16 million Americans now participate in some form of whitewater paddling every year, all of whom will benefit from this look upstream at where the sport’s been and where it’s still going.
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The trailer for the extreme whitewater kayaking film: 'Hotel Charley IV: At Your Own Risk', produced by Ben Stookesberry, music by Rush Sturges.
The Endangered Creeks Expedition documents a West Kootenay based collective of whitewater paddlers raising concerns over the invasion of private hydro-electric projects through the province of British Columbia. The ECE attempts to reveal the true cost of "run of the river" hydro development by exploring both threatened and developed waterways. Taking the viewer on an action packed whirlwind tour, the ECE features local and professional boaters paddling some of the best whitewater BC has to offer.

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