With an itch to do some some good ol' crick boatin, Dan and Matt set out on a low water winter decent of Ernies Canyon on the North for of the Snoqualmie. Some great lines...and some bad ones. Great day on the river for sure!
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Friend of mine in a blue Pyranha Burn on Double Trouble on the Ocoee...
The conclusion to my 2008 season, the final edit. The first segment is the first Annual NOC/Dagger Shootout which took place at the NOC Store Wave near the end of August, a new well organized event in the Southeast. Second, is a surf trip that myself and Andrew Koch made back in the beginning of September down to Charleston, SC. We spent a total of 4 days surfing and enjoyed the swell from Tropical Storm Hannah. One day, where the majority of the footage was taken was absolutely epic and made for some great video. The conclusion is a montage of paddling friends from USNWC and beyond including some of the very little creeking footage I had shot this year. Hoping for more rain in 2009 to change that. The last segment, for me, represents my goodbye to friends for the season. I really enjoyed making this as I learned a lot in the process as well as reliving some of the better memories in my life. Expect some pretty big things for 2009 as my partnerships become stronger.

Thumbnail Courtesy of Chris Ragsdale
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Spring/Summer 2009 Video Upate
Footage from:
WhiteOak Falls
Tripple Falls
Courthouse falls
Nantahala Cascades
Hooker Falls
and more..................... CHECK IT OUT!

Charlie Simmons, Zach Sanders, Sam England, Steven Naylor
Cruise Quenelle, Danny Flynt, Charlie Mix, Andy Hobson and manymore explore the Rivers of Durango Colorado and across the country.
Heres a collection of my Canoeing photos, its been a while since ive loaded any so its a small slideshow.
Ophion Paddles take me everywhere i go on whitewater including in my open and closed cockpit canoes, so make sure and check them out !

charlie simmons
Wavesport-Shred Ready-BomberGear-Skirtworks-Ophion
Alternatively funny and scary, this film is the all-time fan favorite on
Kayaking at m-wave! aerial browns! Music by E-V-A download the mixtape for free! here Also become a fan of E-V-A on facebook!
Here is a VERY ROUGH edit of some footage from a few weeks ago of the RF gorge at ~200 cfs. I haven't had much time for editing, but thought I'd throw it up here to help out those looking into doing a low water run the first time. The bottom of third drop can have a nasty pin spot/ sieve as you can see in the video, that changes depending on water level, scouting and safty (and a bare ass) are advised. I turned the night vision on in fist after I was in but forgot to hit record after I did, so you don't get to see much of the 'shorter' but wood filled exit. I'll get that footy my next time in there =) Big ups to Steve (gold helmet) for making that run more and more fun each time, making the most out of low water.
Topsail Island, NC. Hurricane Bill Swell, Sunday August 23rd, 2009. 7am-8.30am session.

The wind did come up after we finished surfing, and killed the surf.

Thanks to Paula for video-ing the session. Gordon was trying his new ski, and I was trying my new kayak.
Raw footage Sat Topsail kayak Surfing.
Video recorded by Paula Rock
Matt Lewis, Gordon Rock, Paul Scrutton
Ron and I going over Ohiopyle Falls main drop in the Topo-Duo. 2009

A small freestyle kayak tutorial produced by me for my website
The Numbers section of the Arkansas River, 30 miles south of Leadville, Colorado. I have run this stretch well over a hundred times but this was my first time tackling it on a board. Doing a bit of research for a new Surftech board that is in the works!
White Horse rapid on the Potomac, Harper's Ferry WV (USA)
Rolling safety/encouragement/harassment on the river, sorry I did not get the early racers had some battery issues.

Class V river but a class VI party!
A helmet camera guide to the Crystal Gorge in Colorado
just having fun teaching kids to roll and working on hand rolls... we didn't catch all the kids first rolls on video but got a couple.