Ten Chilean kayakers from the remote Patagonian town of Cochrane, Chile will paddle the Grand Canyon to learn about how the Colorado River has been impacted by dams, and what is at stake for their home river. We need your help to make this trip possible. Check out a crowd funding campaign we've launched this month: http://igg.me/at/rios-to-rivers/x/3465528

Ríos to Rivers, a nonprofit organization, is uniting young kayakers from Patagonia, Chile and Colorado with kayaking expeditions in Chile on the Río Baker and in the US on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The Chilean kayakers will see for the first time a mega-dam and the resultant impacts on the river. US students will experience the majesty of an undeveloped river flowing through a pristine wilderness. The group will learn about the ecological impacts of dams, explore viable renewable energy sources, and take part in cultural exchange. More information www.RiosToRivers.org

More information about the youth kayak club from the remote town of Patagonia Chile and the award winning film about the club by Rios to Rivers founder www.LosEscualos.org