Dagger Paddle with the Pros with Andrew Holcombe April 2005
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Compilation of GoPro footage from a 3-day, 50-mile expedition on the Dolores River near the Utah/Colorado border, during a freak May snowstorm.
A Falling Down Production

by BJ & Katie Johnson
Episode 28 is live. On this weeks show John Weld apologizes and seems more friendly, Grace gives us his review of the new Nirvana from Jackson Kayaks and Louis gives his opinion on gear consumption in the outdoors. We end by discussing the tragic hanging of Mary the circus elephant in Erwin TN circa 1916.

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Follow the DK crew exploring the mountains of Morocco searching for new runs. Blessed by exceptional water levels, the team spent two weeks of incredible adventures between friends under the african sun, among the incredibly welcoming Berbers people. Can’t get any better… for best experience please use headphones.

Production: We Are Hungry Productions

By: Hugo Clouzeau ///

Footage: Stefun Pion - Mathieu Coldobella - Hugo Clouzeau
Shot with Panasonic GH2
Cross Mountain Canyon is a short section of scenic whitewater located in the very Northwest corner of Colorado. It is a part of the Yampa River. The last free flowing system in the Colorado River Basin. The flow is around 2,300 cfs.
Kayaking Bluegrass Creek near Wheatland, Wyoming.
Late spring thunder storms brought the Blackwater to a perfect level. Art Barket, John Moore, and Shane Groves paddled the entire Upper and Lower Blackwater River three times in one day to set a new record! With over 30 miles of whitewater in one day, perfect levels, and perfect spring time temperatures, it was a day to remember.
After all this paddling I went to the Purple Fiddle in Thomas and saw The Suitcase Junket, a one man band that rocked out! So it was only fitting to put his music on the video. check him out at

Paddling out of the clouds off Lookout Mountain. First Descent of this North Georgia creek. Continuously steep from top to bottom, this creek kept yielding fun and challenging rapids the whole way. In an area heavily explored by kayakers, this first descent was on the radar of notable explorers such as Mark Cumnock and Jeff West. It wasn't until Adam Goshorn first cleaned and scouted this run that a descent would be made possible. Finally the stars aligned with 3+ inches of rain falling over night, tapering off by early morning. Bear Creek was at 34 inches at around 8:30 that morning and we put on the creek at about 11 am.
John Sweet and Bill Bickham discussing their first run down the Savage River in 1966.

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I wonder… if… one day…

When a newbie kayaker goes paddling, he discovers a posse of pros on the river and wonders whether someday he could be that cool. A daydream in the eddy transforms the purple-helmeted rookie into a whitewater Adonis. Join kayaker Ben Marr as he takes us to a world where a paddler’s wildest fantasies come true.

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In October of 2013 a group of whitewater misfits met in the Andes Mountains of Peru. In search of hidden latin expeditions we dropped into countless amazing canyons. Sample the flavor of a unique Substantial episode that is sure to have you wanting to get out and see what's over the next horizon.
A look over what Team Pyranha North 'Merica has been up to for the past year. Join us on a look over North 'Merica's great whitewater, South 'Merican stouts and a stint in Russia. So strap down to that desk chair or couch, turn up the tunes and take it all in, because we're all Demshitz.
Good time on the taugs. A lot of fun in the slicy boats, the forplay is awesome
Just another rainy West Virginia Christmas. Starting in Beckley, John Moore and Shane Groves paddled the falls on Little Whitestick Creek into Cranberry Creek. Cranberry flows into Piney creek, another nine mile stretch of whitewater. About 4 miles down they hiked up Fat Creek and paddled the last 3/4 of a mile back into Piney that took them all the way to the town of Prince on the New River.
After several weeks of sub zero temperatures and cold winter boating, West Virginia got a warm 60 degree weekend. This melted the snow and caused Manns Creek to run for several days. A large group of paddlers joined together to take on 5 miles of the best steep creeking in the state of West Virginia.
This is the edit from footage shot at the 7th year of the Upper Wind Whitewater Festival. The race course section of the Wind River is a roughly 20-30 minute mass start event of adrenaline fueled Class IV - V paddling, and includes rafts as well as kayakers from all over the Pacific Northwest.

This year brought *perfect* river levels, fantastic weather, and a large turnout of competitive whitewater junkies. For complete event details, go to:

The Wind River Race kicks off the Western Whitewater Championship Series for the 2014. More information can be had on the WWCS at:

Current list of sponsors include:
- Next Adventure
- Whitewater Designs
- Kershaw Knives
- Team Quest
- Atlas Cider Co.
- Ninkasi
- Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival
- Kayak Shed
- Oregon Rafting Team
-PNW Kayakers


Tim Brink - Race Organizer
Rob Cruser - Safety Coordinator
Mike Moses - Safety
Keith - Safety
Greg Senior - Race Start + Safety
Catherine Locke - Registration
Ryan Cole - Race Timing
Paul Carrico - Timing + Marketing
Janice Keeley - Timing + Scoring
Catherine Locke - Registration

Paul Carrico

Paul Carrico
James Phillips
Taylor Hazen
Joey Hodgson
Shannon Hodgson
Jon Currier
Sara James
Oregon Rafting Team
Robby, Mike, Matthew and I motivated early one morning for a low water lap on the famous Linville Gorge. Low water but still tons of fun. Enjoy.
Rain in Northeast P.A. brings Hornbeck's and Raymondskill to perfect levels!