Hello? Hi it
Colorado Springs, COLORADO
Female 5'5"
not tellin
Boats I paddle: Pyranha Jed, Pyranha Ammo, New Wave Maestro
First Season: 2005
Favorite Class: III
Favorite Runs: Ottawa River, Black River, Upper Gauley
Some crazy chick who learned to paddle on the Ottawa River.

I "woot" at the rafts,

I bump into kayaks in the eddies,

I run rapids upside down,

I learned to handroll so I could ride my kayak behind the waterski boat at the cottage,

I invent crazy moves that can only be done by me (death spiral).

I try my moves out of my kayak,

I am NOT 17 years old,

I will try absolutely any run/wave/hole within reason,

Every move I pull on a wave/hole is purely accidental but still looks cool!

My Personal Blog: http://www.jennyrightside.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jennyrightside

Basically, I used to be a cyclist. I rode my bike across Canada, from west coast to east, through the Rocky Mountains. I injured my knee, about to undergo my second knee surgery, and was introduced to WW kayaking last year. I LOVE it, and can't get enough. It's the only thing that has kept me sane since I can't bike or run or skydive anymore.

Paddling Resume:

Ottawa River, ON - Rocher Fendu section (Main and Middle Channels from top to bottom)

Ottawa River, ON - City of Ottawa (Champlain, Deschesne and Remics)

Black River, NY - play only (Route 3, Hole Brothers, Inner City, Big Brother [Hole Brothers at 20,000cfs])

Lower Gauley, WV - ran the whole thing!

Upper Gauley, WV - aced it after paddling only a year and 4 months!

Middle Madawaska, ON - Palmer's Rapids

Lower Madawaska, ON - Quadeville

St Lawrence River,PQ - 67 Wave

Mississippi River, ON - just goofing around at the bottom of the falls near Almonte

Rock Island, TN - got a GREAT Welcome to Rock Island Ride!

Big South Fork of the Cumberland, TN

Spring Creek, TN

Susquehanna River, PA - play at Holtwood section

Potomac River, MD - Mather Gorge & Play @ MD/VA Chutes

Big Sandy Creek, WV - source of the first set of bloody knuckles

New River Gorge, WV - High Water River Run +6 ft, low water run at 0 ft, play at Halls of Karma at -0.5 ft

Tygart River, WV - Play at Galloway Beach

Cheat River Canyon, WV

Petawawa River, ON - Town Section

Clear Creek, CO - Play at Lawson Hole

Yampa River, CO - Play at Charlie and 'D' Holes

Gore Creek, CO - Play at International Bridge in Vail

Gatineau River, PQ - Good Times at High Tension!

Gull River, ON - Minden 8.5ft

Ocoee River, TN - River Run and Heck Wave Play

Clear Creek/Obed/Emory, TN - Lilly to Nemo

Tellico River, TN - 3 runs in one day!

Schyan River, PQ - Eddyless, non-stop rock-dodging rollercoaster fun!

Upper Petawawa River, ON - Class 4 drop/pool fun!

Richelieu River, PQ - Play at Chambly

Kipawa River, PQ - sprained toe, scraped knee, 3 bloody knuckles, goose-egg on forearm; all while walking on slippery rocks!

Riviere Rouge, PQ - Seven Sisters

Upper Yough, MD

Oxtongue River, ON

Rio Reventazon, CR

Rio Pacuare, CR

Rio Balsa, CR

Rio Division, CR

Rio Savegre, CR