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Rock Island, TN or Reno, NV (or all over the place)
Male 5'4"
146 lbs
Boats I paddle: Playboats, creekboats, and squirtboats
First Season: 1997
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Ottawa, South Branch Middle Feather, Big Kimshew, New River Dries, whatever I'm paddling at the time!
I'm very happy to be able to spend most of the year traveling, instructing, and competing in a kayak.  You can find me on the Ottawa during the summers running the Keener Program for Wilderness Tours.  It's just about the funnest, coolest thing a high-school kid could do in the summer if they like to kayak.  Check out their exploits at:
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Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Male 5'11"
Boats I paddle: OC-1 (duhhhh, do I LOOK like a skanky kayaker?)
First Season: 1992
Favorite Class: III
Favorite Runs: Cranberry Twist, Upper Meadow, Middle Fork (of Tygart), Cheat Canyon, Daddy's Creek, Lower Big Sandy Creek, Big Laurel Creek
AKA Richard Hopley, living in Winston-Salem, NC, now, and paddling with the CCC, but I did my best boating in the '90s and earliwst '00s when I lived in Rockville, MD and boated mostly with the Monocacy Canoe Club and Blue Ridge Voyageurs. I used to be a Class IV paddler (ran the occasional Class V rapid, e.g. on the Upper Gauley and Upper Yough); mostly prefer Class III/III+ these days. I can no longer roll my canoe, so I prefer to avoid waterfalls, but I would still run any of the Class III/IV streams in my Favorites list at a moderate level (I always like these small technical streams better than big water like the Gauley or the New). I tend to prefer lower water for these runs than most kayakers like; there's lotsa creeky things that are boatable 'way below AW's idea of zero. Best river I ever ran was the Bottom Moose, five or six times; probably won't ever do that again, and probably won't touch Section IV over 1.5'.