Let's go
Elkin, NC
Female 5'6"
Boats I paddle: Olympic K-1, WaveSport Siren, WaveSport Mutant, Recon 70, Salto, KingPin 6.1
First Season: 1996
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: Upper Yough, Wilson's Creek, Upper Gauley, Big Sandy, Talluah, Green Ultra light, Russel Fork Gorge and lots more
I've also paddled in Lofer, Austria, Sjoa in Norway, French Alps, Costa Rica 2x and Ecuador with Endless Rivers.

I also love to dance - Lindy Hop, Swing, Latin, Salsa and a good Polka. So ask for a dance and I'll probally accecpt with a huge smile.

Here is how I changed my out fitting in the Chico to the WaveSport thigh hooks:


and here is my gallery of pictures...