Which floor is best for fly fishing specific rafts with frames - a drop stitch or I-beam floor? I'm going to buy a raft/ frame combo this summer and after some pretty detailed research I find that some of the best manufacturers carry either one floor or the other rather than both, which in my mind would provide a wider choice of options for the customer. I've read about the pros and cons of both styles of floors - tracking, maneuverability, firmness, dryer under foot, lighter, more or less prone to flipping, etc. I understand the differences that the nature of the two types of floors creates and that the intended use (fishing or white water) may influence personal choice - but again why don't the manufacturers generally offer both floors. For example Maravia have drop stitch and Sotar have I-beam but they don't seem to offer both (or at least don't openly advertise such). I like both of these rafts but why would Sotar or Maravia not offer both floors, which would automatically open up rather than restrict the choice options. I like the firmer drop stitch floor for a fly fishing raft because most clients are more competent and comfortable standing up to cast. The built-in floors on frames for I-beam floors can be very heavy & are guaranteed line traps, further limiting choice. I figure someone out there can shed a little light onto why this limited floor choice exists.