Mark Buckley
Santa Cruz, CA
Male 41
Types of boats you paddle (eg. kayak, raft, C-1, squirt, etc.): disco, gus, air 45, inner tube
First Season (year): 1994
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Chattooga, Gauley, San Lorenzo (home), South Merced, Bald Rock, Arroyo Seco
I'm finishing my PhD at UC-Santa Cruz, Ecological Economics Game Theory applied to water policy. My research is based around riparian ecosystem restoration and conflict feedbacks, optimization of dam relicensing strategies given interactive decision-making, and updating of neoclassical economic models to handle these issues under the ecological economics paradigm. I do a fair amount of consulting for Earthjustice and some local NGOs on Clean Water Act economics. Basically, trying to do some work that keeps me near water.