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Or if you only have one boat, a creek boat is the most versatile. Not to mention the incredible variety of moves on the Ocoee that make it the perfect river to train on. As much as I'd like to have a 20 boat quiver, I can't. So I have a creek boat, canoe, and borrow what I can.
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Way more creek boats than playboats or long boats. Perfect example of the general sissyfication of kayakers.
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I know for a fact that several of those people were on there first run of the Ocoee and only been boating for less than a year. I feel like that's pretty bad ass. Nice having friends there to run safety for you. Even if they're experienced boaters. Nothing wrong with getting out and doing what you love. I'm looking forward to doing more play boating myself. Also fun to shoot if you can catch just the right moment. I have shots from Sunday yet to process that have allot more play boating at hell hole.
Check photos out from Ocoee opening weekend day 1. More photos to come from day 2.


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