ACA Kayak and SUP instructor in Texas
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I just moved back to Claremont, California, and am looking for some paddling partners and am interested in ride shares to the Kern. Thanks!
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Rock Island, TN
Male 5'9''
Boats I paddle: Playboat, Creekboat, Squirtboat
First Season: 1975
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Bear, Raven's, Toxaway, Gauley 5000+, Dries, Royal Gorge, N Sky, Futa, Gol-gol, White Nile, Gauley, Rock Island
LRC - 11'' with Taylor
Johnies - 3'' 2x w/ Birmingham crew n Keith
Film Fest - run Elkhorn,��"Presenter'' with Fallin Down stories and vids
Caney fork Dynamic Duo 1.9 w/ Dane
Caney Fork Dynamic duo 1.5 w/ Dane
Green - JK crew plus Adrienne n Shane
Cane Creek - 0 - Brad, Justin, Adam, Goat, EJ

North Chick w. Keegan Kat Owen, Steph Forest, .8 top, 800 that AM
Richland - -3'' with Peter Stephen and EJ as things rose all day
N. Chick with Emily in Lil Hero - 1' top gage Cain
Caney Fork surf with Owen - 2', good surfing waves.��
Bear 17'', wood, dark hike out at Gargoyle
RI - 3200 at night. 4 more days
Skook !5 days at Strongwater with Stephen, Jessica, Ruth, Dane, n Nick
Green - 5 times, 5th Short, 2 course doubles, 6.5"
Russel Fork - 8 days, 10th at race with a : 34?
GAF - Worser Wesser Clinic
New - 2 days Halls squirting
Upper Yough Clinic
Gauley 8x - clinic GFest Sat
Ocoee 3 times
World Cup:��Prague, Augsberg, Thun - 15th
Ottawa - taught 5 days Keeners
Grand Canyon!!��13 day complete Lee's to Separation in All-star
South Mineral - w Kirk n trevor
Cottonwood Creek��- 6 laps Lake City filming w Trevor
Daisy, Slate, East
Oh Be - 5th race, 1st n 2nd Slalom (2nd overall!)
Oh Be Joyful - machin high, 4 days
BV Holes - 2days
Pine Creek Numbers - high - great play
Salida: 6days: 5th, 4th Nationals, US WCup Team!
Glenwood 2days
Barrel Springs - 10k, 15k
Vail - went great, didn't paddle
Glenwood 16-18.5k - left then right side - several days
Lyon Playpark - got 8th place
South St. Vrain - 2 days - 5th place!
Barrel / Shoshone 10k, put in 1/2 way
Glenwood Springs - 3 days 10-14k
Pueblo clinic
BV Hole - 2 days - horrible place
caney fk butt low w owen, 1.1?��150 cfs
Missouri Clinic - Mulberry River 2 days
Short Creek / Waterfall NAWF, hole - I got ___ place in each
Cane: -4"t.o. 1.35 p.i.��good 2 go w/ Mark n john n Dane. -5"possible
RI - 7500, 7200 - epic top hole, reg hole, brave wave!
Cane:��7'' top, 10'' bottom - boats off Rockhouse!
Henderson - 7'' - walked Spinal, all else great, w. Dane
Suck - 4x��4'
Suck: 3x 3.8
Cane 4'' top,��
Cane 7'' top, 1' bottom red
Raven Fork - 8'',��ran Big Boy!
West Prong w. Howard - 1.2, ran all trailhead to lower to
Caney fork: 3' (not hight though0
Raven Fork:��-5''Chan, Billy, SW - good t go, hard hit at Mike tyson's
Caney Fork 2.0ish?
Cheoah - 3x 1000cfs Hero demo
Richland:��-6'' low but fun w/ Javid in Hero
RI Falls - 11g (photos)
LRC - Pitoned falls 10'' in new Hero, will see again

Pine Falls w. Boyd - high, 2x

Tellico 2x - w/ Tara n Jessica n Stephen
LRC 9.5 - Chan n I ran falls, Terry.��Seive in eddy at Pinball
Suck 3.8 - LOW w/ Chan n terry Smith
Daddy's 1.8'' - Stephen n 2 Knox guys - low, maintenance.��3 lines Ratlsnk
Daddy's - 2.9'' Em, Nick, Stephn Owen - fun catch on fly play, kickflips
RI! 36 -
Suck Creek 3x:�� 3'4''��punk rocker, ToddmoBryceChipParkerJaredLuke
WERSER WESSER:��right n left, solo, w/ Tara rope n photo - low
Cascades - solo w/ Shaun Etter - butt low
Gauly:Koontz 4800 EmjStevnKirknik, Bnder good, 5boat thumpy,��Canyon good
G - Upper 5+g, CorP+, Gomer OK, Insig+ ICurt+, HM ok, IR holes+, 5-boat+++
UG - 10g!��StevnNick, Insig++, topIC+, Pillo++, 3rd++, IR n SweetsX-��
�� J. Weatherford rolled my truck!
Green Race 6 runs - 7th short 505, SHero, Pikey trained, Zwick flip
Russel - 3 one wknd, 4 next.��Allstar, Mega, Punk, Rocker.��BlBox!
Lots of Gauley days - 24 day wknds plus 2 extra days. Collin's, Nyamin Nyami w/ Tara, 1st timers WKF clinic.��
ASCI COURSE (new run!) 6 days - 7th Nationals
Upper Yough 2 runs, clinic w. Andy
3 days Ocoee - Super Star loops!
Black - event (?) plus another 2 days w/ Stephen photos at rt 3.��
3-4 weeks Ottawa, ___ what place at ? Garb Event?��just out of 5 cut?
Lachine w Stephen n Ruth n for EJ's book
2 trips 7 Sisters - Keeners n w Jen n Billy Harris
Ocoee - 3 times, 2 hell hole, 1 nyamin nyami w tara
WIND (new) Sheps Falls, flume, barney hurt shoulder. photos w Dan 2nd trip
LilWhite - plug spirit n wish, 2.2'dam��Pyranha kids, Shannon, EP, ToddAnd
Truss w ej fam - emily swim, lp vert big bro - 5 mo times 3' to 2'
Skook - 3 days w jk fam in A star w. lippy
Truss w. tao n nick n nate, cave 1st run fun
Redsides - Jay's wedding... kinda sucky spot but great wedding!
South St. Vrain - low, for race, 4 times
Bailey - 350 - ran SUPERMAX (PFD) !��
Little St. Francis - 2x low, rock 360 great.��Dynamic Earth demo w. brad
2x Green at 60%.. JJ and then just Shane - all good.

North Chick: ej,dane,goat, low, over 1' cane, but 8 NChick falling
LTL ST FRANCIS (new run)- 2x, class 2-3 in MO

Falls 2x an brave wave 4200
Falls n Brave Wave - 6000
Suck Creek, med high, with D...
Caney fork - 1.5 or so , with huge group including owen.
idea - dry creek from spencer?
Events:��5th NatFibrk, 12 TT, 7thGarb, 4thBlak, 1st!RI - 3rd WCup. 2nd OBJ
Caney Fork:��1.5��Collins 4500, Calf Klr 5.2 falling fast wood above H Ktc
Green: Scott Wiloughby 1st time, no gear, Jeremy diane BradSuttn. Mega!
RI 190 - awesome level!
Russel Fork - 4x w/ Curtis, Polk n Yonton in MegaRocker��(Black Box PFD)
��also 'fire escape El Ho to surf back left...near race line
Gauley - 4x in 3 days..��Night Run w/ Pikey Jeremy, Brad, 'James n hottie)
Green - 8AM dawn patrol - in MegaRocker
Triple Falls (PFD) 2nd drop
Cheoah 2x - saved canoer at Bear Falls
Gauley Fest:��New 0, Lower G, 2x Upper.
Ocoee -��
Rock Island Event - 1st!!��3rd Overall World Cup!
UYough w WCup crew:fiona, sandre, pikie,jason,dane,harryCox,Jez,Matt,NZ,Stephen,Mario,Deuce, Nick,Jonathan
Team Trials 12 / 11
Garb 7th
Black 4th

U[[er Yough 1.8
Ohiopyle Falls clinic
Ottawa - mid channel 3x, garb tons river tons

Gattineau - Keeners. Surfed lucifers' Left heard class5 upstream 45 min.
Lachine - squash n nick n logan francois moe
RI 34oo,
Ocoee w Tara hell hole ok - dnky flip
Salida 4 days?��flash flood was cool. 2800 from 900
Lake Creek 2x - Lawrence in rain starting 7:30pm - fast.��J Meyers, 2 others
Bailey 600, Marty n Boyd - fun, walked top max, deer creek big, log below max w kayak.

big south: hobie, ebel, mikeharvey,timkennedy.lawrence,daveh,scottshipley,chrismenges,bros fromatl,
low - another step beyond the 4 marks on gqqge below 1
Gore - 800, Glen and ARK crew.��Professor and Left Left
4 Big South - first with Marty and Darren and Mark n Fred Scott
2nd short day with Evan and Tom
3rd big day with some CKSers, Glen, and ..
4th Ran everything!��Zack, Warren, MAtt wilson, john, Glen, ran seive too.
5th - Hobie, Dave hort, Mike HArvey, Charlie Ebel, Chris Menges, Lawrence, Natalie, ran everthing, solo last gorge, no seive
Dumont run, fun class 3 and 4 - fast w/ Lile and Chris P
Lawson hole - 2 days:��backloopnasty, cartnasty, Jedi flip, bloop2airwheel.��
Black Rock - clr crk 550, no rigo but looked EZ��Marty and G..
Salida - 6 days?��5th in Nationals , hurt shoulder. congrats Stephen n T!
Pine / #s - 2400 2x
Royal - 2500, great fun, 2 big drops, no bad holes.��1 wave blw nrrws.��
Pueblo park - 2400 - 6 loops spots but hit on each one some times
Fish Creek 2.4
Oh Be Joyful 7 - mid high��3rd in Race to Jules and Beaks tie w. kirk
Slate - highish, some wood all good no Wanda
East - high - Pat, Scott, Conner, Billy J ran BEFalls.��
Salida play 2x
Ocoee w/ Tara
Pine Creek Falls:��2x, 6" EJ and Stephen, then 10'' with Tim
Huge Trip:��
Watauga 350, Big Creek 2.5, Cascades dry, Noli 7 g, Green 100
Suck Creek - 2x high, 4x low - Tara in between and TVF party
Cane 2x at 0 w/ Dane and Stephen - 15 min to rear, 2 hrs on water 2nd run
Green - 3 times 100% (2 days)��Daniel D's memorial :-(.��Paddled with ScottL, Hale, Shane, Holcombe, Knight, toby, tons of folks. Awesome new 'birthday eddy' above Gorilla.��
Raven Fork:��7"-5" Holcb,Toby,KY, Kirk. Toby Big Boys!

Tellico - 350, snow w/ JK crew freewhl all falls, 2 big boofs above JKnee.
Cane Creek - 4'' top, -2'' bottom - mid low, Dane and Stephen, it got dark!
��Like 2700 Collins, 5.5 Calf Killer (Feb 24)
scouted Savage - collins 515, 3-6' deep, need 2500+?

2005 up to��Nov 28th:

Salida��- tons, 6th at rodeo, 1st: Pine Creek Race (timed, no h2h)
Lyons - 5th at rodeo,��
Clear Creek - 350, 420 - fun flush��
Oh Be Joyful: 12-15x��high and low - ABreaker 2x, 2nd in race to Ryan Casey
Daisy - 2 - high water w/ Ben, low water w Christie��
Gunnison Rodeo - 5th, 1st 'big trick'.��
NC Hurricane season:
Horsepasture - med, big group, fun slides and rapids. rough hike out.��
��ran 'last 2' with Pat and Shane.��Walked 'big' one.
Ledges surf with Yonton = nice Mcnastys and felix
Toxaway - mid high to real high (flash flood)��lightening,��I walkd all
��Pat ran all but landbridge, Daniel and Nate - scarey paddle out
N. Fork 2x, W. Fork, Upper North Fork -
lowish but fun - boxcar, walked first W slide, Birdrock down was great.
Overflow - 1.4 - Nate Jen, Jon, Daniel, Shane Whit - great run, Daniel swam below marginal
Toxaway - low med - ran all but crack due to tree and 40 40, great run
Nolichucky, kinda high - fun surfing with CD and big crew.
RI surfs - several
Ottawa - river 2x, Garb 6x?, McCoys 2x, Push 4x
Black - Route 3 4 days - 8th place - kinda green wave
Garb rodeo:��2nd to holcombe!��3rd in 'North American Cup'
Lachine - 4 days with Vincent and Patrick and Mo Keller (IR)
Gauley - 10 days:��3rd Hungary Mother WS open,��1 Lower (jenn evac)
1 New, low with Tony and Jay��and JK staff
(sprained knee wakeboarding on Summersville res w/ Dobson)
Russel Fork - 3 runs w. Dane and EJ and crew, 4 last weekend
Coosa - 2 days,��NATIONAL CHAMPION! (and 3rd Freestyle thru a rapid)
Green - 60%, plus 6 at 100% - 2nd to EJ (spun in Speed Trap)
Tallulah - 2,��Super-hero / Super Star

Winter - Summer 2005 (in reverse order)
*Homestake/Gillman/Dowd's w/JK's and Dan G in Fun
Mill Creek - 1.75' - high, 1 portage
New 2x - 3.5' - loops URR and Stripper
*Gattineaux - High Tension 3 days
Ottawa - *middle channel 2x, 11.5, 8.5 - Garvins
Black - Hole Bros 2x - huge loops
Watauga w/ CD - 350 - tons of spins, FUN run
Green 220% - 4x no Notch
Short Cr Falls and run
NAWF:��3rd place, *Mulberry Fk
N. Chick/Cane�� Dane runs Vortex -
RI - 6300 - falls, rapid, top left hole, hole, brave wave - all good!
Tallulah - 2 filming 'River Running' video
Chattooga - 2.?��
Tellico - 2.6, 2.4
WV: Koontz - 4500
NEw, 6', 6.75'
Dries:��24000, 27000, 18000, 45000 - put in waves 60,000
Mill Creek to falls 1', to New 1', 10''
Mann's - 4-6'' (rising due to snow)
*Midl MEadow 1200
Cane - 2.5, ckiller 5.8, collins 3500, emory 5800 (caney was 1.7)
Caney Fork - 1.4, nice flow
*Island Creek - 9" 3 mi class 4 slides, one scout Obed 12000dropping
BSFork - 2400 - JohnD Tanya: 4 loop spots, one airblunt wave
BSF- 1800- FilmFest - lower, not as fun
Falls/rapid/brave wave - 1 week 5000
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What's SUP SUP
Great, thanks for letting us know! I'm starting a kayak and SUP company in Central Texas. Come visit sometime...Free camping on the Colorado River here...Karla --- Facebook --- Central Texas Kayaking
Updated their personal info
Marble Falls, Texas, USA
Female 5'4
Boats I paddle: dagger kayak
First Season: 2000
Favorite Class: III
Favorite Runs: Deerfield River, SouthEast rivers of the USA, Laos, Panama, Guatemala, Micos of Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador
In Central Texas starting a kayaking and SUP business on the Colorado and Llano Rivers. Anyone coming here to visit is welcome to get in touch. I enjoy Class II and III rivers. Used to live on the Tuckaseegee River and loved the French Broad Sec 9, Chattooga River, Tuck, etc. Guided on the Nantahala. Worked in the Ocoee Gorge the summer of 2015 and finally was able to paddle it. Helped out with a veterans trip to the Micos and El Salto Rivers of Mexico in January 2015. Worked with paddling in Loas, SouthEast Asia. Enjoyed paddling in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala and would like to work with kayaking in Spanish speaking countries.
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I'm going to be back home in the DC area for the summer in about two weeks and will likely be frequenting some of the intermediate stuff in the area (Little Falls, Difficult Run when it comes up after rain). Shoot me a message if you don't have much luck with the club scene and are looking for someone to paddle with.
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Look into writing on Paddle Prattle for boaters wanting to go after work. If you have Facebook you can ask to join Potomac paddlers, little falls kayakers, and great falls kayakers.
I live on the Deerfield River and am looking to kayak with
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Ok thanks
I'm up for meeting new paddling buddies in New England...I just relocated to the Deerfield River...
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RaftZone Thanks Fred!!!!
I'll be working on the Deerfield River this season and just moved here to Shelburne Falls. Let me know if anyone wants to go boating!
Wall post from karlaheld on the wall of H2O Dreams
What a great organization!
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Liked the dealer Alaska Kayak School
Liked the dealer Endless River Adventures
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The whitewater Mecca: Paducah, KY!!! Only 5.5 short hours away from ETN and WNC
Male 5'10"
Boats I paddle: kayak
First Season: 1996
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: Tellico, BSF, Plateau
Daddy to a pair of twin boys and husband to a most excellent wife.
I used to be a team Riot paddler (not for my paddling prowess) and an ACA Certified Whitewater Instructor.  I get to boat about 40-50 days/year, but that may be going up as my kids start paddling more in the next year or so.
For work, I am a financial advisor (stock broker) for Wells Fargo Advisors.  
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Swannanoa, NC, USA
Male 5'8"
Boats I paddle: kayak, squirt, c-1, raft, canoe, inner tube
First Season: 1986
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: Callaghan, Watauga, Upper Gauley
Please come visit me at

keep it fun!
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Boulder/Denver, Colorado, USA
175 lbs
Boats I paddle: kayak, squirt, raft, OC-2
First Season: 1980
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: Numbers, Slaughterhouse, Gore, Parkdale (all day wave)
I've been running BoaterTalk since 1996. You're welcome. :-)
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South-Central Idaho
Male 5'11"
150 lbs
Boats I paddle: Most currently creek & play. Used to enjoy squirting and paddling a slalom boat. Have also paddled an OC1 a couple of times...and enjoyed it.
First Season: 1992
Favorite Runs: WF Bruneau, Jarbidge, Sheep Creek, Big Creek, Loon, Camas......really, I'm just grateful to be alive. Love solitude and self-supporting.
I'm an occasional peddler of wood sculptures, part time home inspector, starving permaculturist, and practitioner of prehistoric technology. I favor a life of freedom over the sacrifice for money.
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