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Been a boater for a long time (which doesn't mean I am now, or ever was a decent paddler), and I've learned a ton from BT and the people here.

So here you go - a Christmas present for you. Some may remember a bunch of years ago I put together whitewater watershed maps for most of the hot spot paddling states in the eastern US. They were on Waldens Ridge Whitewater site for a long time for reference, but now that's gone. There are 11 maps covering east PA, west PA, West Virginia, east NY, Vermont/New Hampshire, western VA, western NC, eastern KY, eastern TN, north GA and north AL.

So I put them in a Google Drive folder, where they'll be available for free download between now and Christmas day.

These are pdf files, and are suitable for printing as 24x36 sheets. I retain the rights to them, so don't be selling paper copies if you don't mind.

I hope the Google Drive thing works. Post up if it doesn't.


Steve Z