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Rock Island, TN
Male 5'9''
Boats I paddle: Playboat, Creekboat, Squirtboat
First Season: 1975
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Bear, Raven's, Toxaway, Gauley 5000+, Dries, Royal Gorge, N Sky, Futa, Gol-gol, White Nile, Gauley, Rock Island
LRC - 11'' with Taylor
Johnies - 3'' 2x w/ Birmingham crew n Keith
Film Fest - run Elkhorn,��"Presenter'' with Fallin Down stories and vids
Caney fork Dynamic Duo 1.9 w/ Dane
Caney Fork Dynamic duo 1.5 w/ Dane
Green - JK crew plus Adrienne n Shane
Cane Creek - 0 - Brad, Justin, Adam, Goat, EJ

North Chick w. Keegan Kat Owen, Steph Forest, .8 top, 800 that AM
Richland - -3'' with Peter Stephen and EJ as things rose all day
N. Chick with Emily in Lil Hero - 1' top gage Cain
Caney Fork surf with Owen - 2', good surfing waves.��
Bear 17'', wood, dark hike out at Gargoyle
RI - 3200 at night. 4 more days
Skook !5 days at Strongwater with Stephen, Jessica, Ruth, Dane, n Nick
Green - 5 times, 5th Short, 2 course doubles, 6.5"
Russel Fork - 8 days, 10th at race with a : 34?
GAF - Worser Wesser Clinic
New - 2 days Halls squirting
Upper Yough Clinic
Gauley 8x - clinic GFest Sat
Ocoee 3 times
World Cup:��Prague, Augsberg, Thun - 15th
Ottawa - taught 5 days Keeners
Grand Canyon!!��13 day complete Lee's to Separation in All-star
South Mineral - w Kirk n trevor
Cottonwood Creek��- 6 laps Lake City filming w Trevor
Daisy, Slate, East
Oh Be - 5th race, 1st n 2nd Slalom (2nd overall!)
Oh Be Joyful - machin high, 4 days
BV Holes - 2days
Pine Creek Numbers - high - great play
Salida: 6days: 5th, 4th Nationals, US WCup Team!
Glenwood 2days
Barrel Springs - 10k, 15k
Vail - went great, didn't paddle
Glenwood 16-18.5k - left then right side - several days
Lyon Playpark - got 8th place
South St. Vrain - 2 days - 5th place!
Barrel / Shoshone 10k, put in 1/2 way
Glenwood Springs - 3 days 10-14k
Pueblo clinic
BV Hole - 2 days - horrible place
caney fk butt low w owen, 1.1?��150 cfs
Missouri Clinic - Mulberry River 2 days
Short Creek / Waterfall NAWF, hole - I got ___ place in each
Cane: -4"t.o. 1.35 p.i.��good 2 go w/ Mark n john n Dane. -5"possible
RI - 7500, 7200 - epic top hole, reg hole, brave wave!
Cane:��7'' top, 10'' bottom - boats off Rockhouse!
Henderson - 7'' - walked Spinal, all else great, w. Dane
Suck - 4x��4'
Suck: 3x 3.8
Cane 4'' top,��
Cane 7'' top, 1' bottom red
Raven Fork - 8'',��ran Big Boy!
West Prong w. Howard - 1.2, ran all trailhead to lower to
Caney fork: 3' (not hight though0
Raven Fork:��-5''Chan, Billy, SW - good t go, hard hit at Mike tyson's
Caney Fork 2.0ish?
Cheoah - 3x 1000cfs Hero demo
Richland:��-6'' low but fun w/ Javid in Hero
RI Falls - 11g (photos)
LRC - Pitoned falls 10'' in new Hero, will see again

Pine Falls w. Boyd - high, 2x

Tellico 2x - w/ Tara n Jessica n Stephen
LRC 9.5 - Chan n I ran falls, Terry.��Seive in eddy at Pinball
Suck 3.8 - LOW w/ Chan n terry Smith
Daddy's 1.8'' - Stephen n 2 Knox guys - low, maintenance.��3 lines Ratlsnk
Daddy's - 2.9'' Em, Nick, Stephn Owen - fun catch on fly play, kickflips
RI! 36 -
Suck Creek 3x:�� 3'4''��punk rocker, ToddmoBryceChipParkerJaredLuke
WERSER WESSER:��right n left, solo, w/ Tara rope n photo - low
Cascades - solo w/ Shaun Etter - butt low
Gauly:Koontz 4800 EmjStevnKirknik, Bnder good, 5boat thumpy,��Canyon good
G - Upper 5+g, CorP+, Gomer OK, Insig+ ICurt+, HM ok, IR holes+, 5-boat+++
UG - 10g!��StevnNick, Insig++, topIC+, Pillo++, 3rd++, IR n SweetsX-��
�� J. Weatherford rolled my truck!
Green Race 6 runs - 7th short 505, SHero, Pikey trained, Zwick flip
Russel - 3 one wknd, 4 next.��Allstar, Mega, Punk, Rocker.��BlBox!
Lots of Gauley days - 24 day wknds plus 2 extra days. Collin's, Nyamin Nyami w/ Tara, 1st timers WKF clinic.��
ASCI COURSE (new run!) 6 days - 7th Nationals
Upper Yough 2 runs, clinic w. Andy
3 days Ocoee - Super Star loops!
Black - event (?) plus another 2 days w/ Stephen photos at rt 3.��
3-4 weeks Ottawa, ___ what place at ? Garb Event?��just out of 5 cut?
Lachine w Stephen n Ruth n for EJ's book
2 trips 7 Sisters - Keeners n w Jen n Billy Harris
Ocoee - 3 times, 2 hell hole, 1 nyamin nyami w tara
WIND (new) Sheps Falls, flume, barney hurt shoulder. photos w Dan 2nd trip
LilWhite - plug spirit n wish, 2.2'dam��Pyranha kids, Shannon, EP, ToddAnd
Truss w ej fam - emily swim, lp vert big bro - 5 mo times 3' to 2'
Skook - 3 days w jk fam in A star w. lippy
Truss w. tao n nick n nate, cave 1st run fun
Redsides - Jay's wedding... kinda sucky spot but great wedding!
South St. Vrain - low, for race, 4 times
Bailey - 350 - ran SUPERMAX (PFD) !��
Little St. Francis - 2x low, rock 360 great.��Dynamic Earth demo w. brad
2x Green at 60%.. JJ and then just Shane - all good.

North Chick: ej,dane,goat, low, over 1' cane, but 8 NChick falling
LTL ST FRANCIS (new run)- 2x, class 2-3 in MO

Falls 2x an brave wave 4200
Falls n Brave Wave - 6000
Suck Creek, med high, with D...
Caney fork - 1.5 or so , with huge group including owen.
idea - dry creek from spencer?
Events:��5th NatFibrk, 12 TT, 7thGarb, 4thBlak, 1st!RI - 3rd WCup. 2nd OBJ
Caney Fork:��1.5��Collins 4500, Calf Klr 5.2 falling fast wood above H Ktc
Green: Scott Wiloughby 1st time, no gear, Jeremy diane BradSuttn. Mega!
RI 190 - awesome level!
Russel Fork - 4x w/ Curtis, Polk n Yonton in MegaRocker��(Black Box PFD)
��also 'fire escape El Ho to surf back left...near race line
Gauley - 4x in 3 days..��Night Run w/ Pikey Jeremy, Brad, 'James n hottie)
Green - 8AM dawn patrol - in MegaRocker
Triple Falls (PFD) 2nd drop
Cheoah 2x - saved canoer at Bear Falls
Gauley Fest:��New 0, Lower G, 2x Upper.
Ocoee -��
Rock Island Event - 1st!!��3rd Overall World Cup!
UYough w WCup crew:fiona, sandre, pikie,jason,dane,harryCox,Jez,Matt,NZ,Stephen,Mario,Deuce, Nick,Jonathan
Team Trials 12 / 11
Garb 7th
Black 4th

U[[er Yough 1.8
Ohiopyle Falls clinic
Ottawa - mid channel 3x, garb tons river tons

Gattineau - Keeners. Surfed lucifers' Left heard class5 upstream 45 min.
Lachine - squash n nick n logan francois moe
RI 34oo,
Ocoee w Tara hell hole ok - dnky flip
Salida 4 days?��flash flood was cool. 2800 from 900
Lake Creek 2x - Lawrence in rain starting 7:30pm - fast.��J Meyers, 2 others
Bailey 600, Marty n Boyd - fun, walked top max, deer creek big, log below max w kayak.

big south: hobie, ebel, mikeharvey,timkennedy.lawrence,daveh,scottshipley,chrismenges,bros fromatl,
low - another step beyond the 4 marks on gqqge below 1
Gore - 800, Glen and ARK crew.��Professor and Left Left
4 Big South - first with Marty and Darren and Mark n Fred Scott
2nd short day with Evan and Tom
3rd big day with some CKSers, Glen, and ..
4th Ran everything!��Zack, Warren, MAtt wilson, john, Glen, ran seive too.
5th - Hobie, Dave hort, Mike HArvey, Charlie Ebel, Chris Menges, Lawrence, Natalie, ran everthing, solo last gorge, no seive
Dumont run, fun class 3 and 4 - fast w/ Lile and Chris P
Lawson hole - 2 days:��backloopnasty, cartnasty, Jedi flip, bloop2airwheel.��
Black Rock - clr crk 550, no rigo but looked EZ��Marty and G..
Salida - 6 days?��5th in Nationals , hurt shoulder. congrats Stephen n T!
Pine / #s - 2400 2x
Royal - 2500, great fun, 2 big drops, no bad holes.��1 wave blw nrrws.��
Pueblo park - 2400 - 6 loops spots but hit on each one some times
Fish Creek 2.4
Oh Be Joyful 7 - mid high��3rd in Race to Jules and Beaks tie w. kirk
Slate - highish, some wood all good no Wanda
East - high - Pat, Scott, Conner, Billy J ran BEFalls.��
Salida play 2x
Ocoee w/ Tara
Pine Creek Falls:��2x, 6" EJ and Stephen, then 10'' with Tim
Huge Trip:��
Watauga 350, Big Creek 2.5, Cascades dry, Noli 7 g, Green 100
Suck Creek - 2x high, 4x low - Tara in between and TVF party
Cane 2x at 0 w/ Dane and Stephen - 15 min to rear, 2 hrs on water 2nd run
Green - 3 times 100% (2 days)��Daniel D's memorial :-(.��Paddled with ScottL, Hale, Shane, Holcombe, Knight, toby, tons of folks. Awesome new 'birthday eddy' above Gorilla.��
Raven Fork:��7"-5" Holcb,Toby,KY, Kirk. Toby Big Boys!

Tellico - 350, snow w/ JK crew freewhl all falls, 2 big boofs above JKnee.
Cane Creek - 4'' top, -2'' bottom - mid low, Dane and Stephen, it got dark!
��Like 2700 Collins, 5.5 Calf Killer (Feb 24)
scouted Savage - collins 515, 3-6' deep, need 2500+?

2005 up to��Nov 28th:

Salida��- tons, 6th at rodeo, 1st: Pine Creek Race (timed, no h2h)
Lyons - 5th at rodeo,��
Clear Creek - 350, 420 - fun flush��
Oh Be Joyful: 12-15x��high and low - ABreaker 2x, 2nd in race to Ryan Casey
Daisy - 2 - high water w/ Ben, low water w Christie��
Gunnison Rodeo - 5th, 1st 'big trick'.��
NC Hurricane season:
Horsepasture - med, big group, fun slides and rapids. rough hike out.��
��ran 'last 2' with Pat and Shane.��Walked 'big' one.
Ledges surf with Yonton = nice Mcnastys and felix
Toxaway - mid high to real high (flash flood)��lightening,��I walkd all
��Pat ran all but landbridge, Daniel and Nate - scarey paddle out
N. Fork 2x, W. Fork, Upper North Fork -
lowish but fun - boxcar, walked first W slide, Birdrock down was great.
Overflow - 1.4 - Nate Jen, Jon, Daniel, Shane Whit - great run, Daniel swam below marginal
Toxaway - low med - ran all but crack due to tree and 40 40, great run
Nolichucky, kinda high - fun surfing with CD and big crew.
RI surfs - several
Ottawa - river 2x, Garb 6x?, McCoys 2x, Push 4x
Black - Route 3 4 days - 8th place - kinda green wave
Garb rodeo:��2nd to holcombe!��3rd in 'North American Cup'
Lachine - 4 days with Vincent and Patrick and Mo Keller (IR)
Gauley - 10 days:��3rd Hungary Mother WS open,��1 Lower (jenn evac)
1 New, low with Tony and Jay��and JK staff
(sprained knee wakeboarding on Summersville res w/ Dobson)
Russel Fork - 3 runs w. Dane and EJ and crew, 4 last weekend
Coosa - 2 days,��NATIONAL CHAMPION! (and 3rd Freestyle thru a rapid)
Green - 60%, plus 6 at 100% - 2nd to EJ (spun in Speed Trap)
Tallulah - 2,��Super-hero / Super Star

Winter - Summer 2005 (in reverse order)
*Homestake/Gillman/Dowd's w/JK's and Dan G in Fun
Mill Creek - 1.75' - high, 1 portage
New 2x - 3.5' - loops URR and Stripper
*Gattineaux - High Tension 3 days
Ottawa - *middle channel 2x, 11.5, 8.5 - Garvins
Black - Hole Bros 2x - huge loops
Watauga w/ CD - 350 - tons of spins, FUN run
Green 220% - 4x no Notch
Short Cr Falls and run
NAWF:��3rd place, *Mulberry Fk
N. Chick/Cane�� Dane runs Vortex -
RI - 6300 - falls, rapid, top left hole, hole, brave wave - all good!
Tallulah - 2 filming 'River Running' video
Chattooga - 2.?��
Tellico - 2.6, 2.4
WV: Koontz - 4500
NEw, 6', 6.75'
Dries:��24000, 27000, 18000, 45000 - put in waves 60,000
Mill Creek to falls 1', to New 1', 10''
Mann's - 4-6'' (rising due to snow)
*Midl MEadow 1200
Cane - 2.5, ckiller 5.8, collins 3500, emory 5800 (caney was 1.7)
Caney Fork - 1.4, nice flow
*Island Creek - 9" 3 mi class 4 slides, one scout Obed 12000dropping
BSFork - 2400 - JohnD Tanya: 4 loop spots, one airblunt wave
BSF- 1800- FilmFest - lower, not as fun
Falls/rapid/brave wave - 1 week 5000
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Colorado Springs, COLORADO
Female 5'5"
not tellin
Boats I paddle: Pyranha Jed, Pyranha Ammo, New Wave Maestro
First Season: 2005
Favorite Class: III
Favorite Runs: Ottawa River, Black River, Upper Gauley
Some crazy chick who learned to paddle on the Ottawa River.

I "woot" at the rafts,

I bump into kayaks in the eddies,

I run rapids upside down,

I learned to handroll so I could ride my kayak behind the waterski boat at the cottage,

I invent crazy moves that can only be done by me (death spiral).

I try my moves out of my kayak,

I am NOT 17 years old,

I will try absolutely any run/wave/hole within reason,

Every move I pull on a wave/hole is purely accidental but still looks cool!

My Personal Blog:


Basically, I used to be a cyclist. I rode my bike across Canada, from west coast to east, through the Rocky Mountains. I injured my knee, about to undergo my second knee surgery, and was introduced to WW kayaking last year. I LOVE it, and can't get enough. It's the only thing that has kept me sane since I can't bike or run or skydive anymore.

Paddling Resume:

Ottawa River, ON - Rocher Fendu section (Main and Middle Channels from top to bottom)

Ottawa River, ON - City of Ottawa (Champlain, Deschesne and Remics)

Black River, NY - play only (Route 3, Hole Brothers, Inner City, Big Brother [Hole Brothers at 20,000cfs])

Lower Gauley, WV - ran the whole thing!

Upper Gauley, WV - aced it after paddling only a year and 4 months!

Middle Madawaska, ON - Palmer's Rapids

Lower Madawaska, ON - Quadeville

St Lawrence River,PQ - 67 Wave

Mississippi River, ON - just goofing around at the bottom of the falls near Almonte

Rock Island, TN - got a GREAT Welcome to Rock Island Ride!

Big South Fork of the Cumberland, TN

Spring Creek, TN

Susquehanna River, PA - play at Holtwood section

Potomac River, MD - Mather Gorge & Play @ MD/VA Chutes

Big Sandy Creek, WV - source of the first set of bloody knuckles

New River Gorge, WV - High Water River Run +6 ft, low water run at 0 ft, play at Halls of Karma at -0.5 ft

Tygart River, WV - Play at Galloway Beach

Cheat River Canyon, WV

Petawawa River, ON - Town Section

Clear Creek, CO - Play at Lawson Hole

Yampa River, CO - Play at Charlie and 'D' Holes

Gore Creek, CO - Play at International Bridge in Vail

Gatineau River, PQ - Good Times at High Tension!

Gull River, ON - Minden 8.5ft

Ocoee River, TN - River Run and Heck Wave Play

Clear Creek/Obed/Emory, TN - Lilly to Nemo

Tellico River, TN - 3 runs in one day!

Schyan River, PQ - Eddyless, non-stop rock-dodging rollercoaster fun!

Upper Petawawa River, ON - Class 4 drop/pool fun!

Richelieu River, PQ - Play at Chambly

Kipawa River, PQ - sprained toe, scraped knee, 3 bloody knuckles, goose-egg on forearm; all while walking on slippery rocks!

Riviere Rouge, PQ - Seven Sisters

Upper Yough, MD

Oxtongue River, ON

Rio Reventazon, CR

Rio Pacuare, CR

Rio Balsa, CR

Rio Division, CR

Rio Savegre, CR
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