Will's BoaterTalk Page
Conyers, GA, Rockdale County, USA
Male 6'2"
Boats I paddle: Kayak - RPM Max, Lil' Joe, Hoss
First Season: 2002
Favorite Class: III
Favorite Runs: Ocoee, Nanty, Cartecay, Tuck, Hiawassee, James, Chattahoochee (upper and metro), Alcovy, Yellow, Ocean Surf, Toccoa
I have been paddling for four years and really love it. I try to get out at least once a week.

I was an instructor's aide at TVCC paddling school last year and highly recommend it. I should be there this year as well. I have a good roll on my onside and am working on an offside roll. I have a pretty reliable combat roll. I am to the point that I am starting on the Ocoee, and working up to harder runs.

I look forward to mastering more difficult skills. I also enjoy a class I-II float trip for the company and scenery. I like helping new boaters work on their skills.

I am a home improvement contractor (http://www.aarc.net) and have a flexable schedule. Call me up & I'll throw the boat in the van!

770-560-3600 Nextel Cell
770-483-6548 Home Office