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Male 69
Boats I paddle: Kayak (Nomad or Axiom 8.5). Canoe (Probe 14 or Viper 11). I paddled a Phat and an RPM for 10+ years. Other boats I've owned include the Corsica Matrix, Amp, Y, Remix 69
First Season: 1994
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: Chattooga IV, Chauga Gorge, Tallulah, Tellico, West Branch of the Deerfield, NFFB, WFFB, something new
Started paddling whitewater in a raft, then an OC2 in 1994. In 1997 my wife suggested getting a kayak (so I'd quit pestering her to go with me). It was a great idea, though probably more effective than she thought it would be. I really like kayaking, especially in class IV and IV+. But I still love canoeing and now that my daughters are getting bigger I've started OC-2ing with them in the warmer months. I recently acquired a Viper 11 and am trying to get used to such a small OC.. My other interests include road and mountain biking as well as swimming and an occasional triathlon.
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Favorite Class: IV
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Lost and Found Stolen burn 3
My burn 3 was stolen from whitewater express property the Friday of gaf weekend. Its orange yellow and white, has a natty shred sticker back left, in great condition, and my name+number on inside. I can send s/n info if anybody has any leads. Help a broke ass river guide find his creek boat before creek season, it's all I got. Thanks!
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Lost and Found
My burn was stolen from whitewater express property Friday on gaf weekend. Its the orange white and yellow burn 3. It probably isn't it but worth a try.
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