Fayetteville, WV
Male 6'2"
Boats I paddle: Raft Guide of old, now a Kayaker, squirter, and a seldom C-1 Paddler when things get LOW
First Season: 1988
Favorite Class: IV
Favorite Runs: The New and Gauley rivers ( I love Big Water Play) followed by the Upper Yough
I paddle LiquidLogic boats and am therefore bias towards them. There I said it!

I'm a dad, so my more extreme days are behind me, I've got a few hard creeks under my belt but haven't run anything steep for a long while. The most extreme that I get these days is the ocasional run of Great Falls of the Potomac or playboating on the Upper Yough. Thank Goodness for park and play designs, they keep me busy learning new things on the water and off the steep stuff.

I had a near drowning incident in the early 90's which opened my eyes to the reality that boating is dangerous. I was revivied by CPR after a MEGA body surf in a shallow hole. It took me years to get comfortable paddling again. The incident made me much more consevative. I rarely take unreasonable risks but I still make mistakes occasionally which leave me wide eyed :o) My days of the "blind huck" are long gone!

I also volunteer my time to American Whitewater (which you should do as well) as the chairman of the Potomac Whitewater Festival, come paddle the Potomac with us and keep access open all across the country!

Surf to

Potomac Whitewater Festival and check out our website

I also advocate towel safety!

Here's a picture of me, it's a few years old but I still look alot like this. If you see me on the sure and say HI!" border="0" alt="