Following is one of the emails my husband received from "Derek Knutson". Lots of red flags: sentence structure, request for detailed personal info, paying with a check (which would most likely be bogus or cancelled).
>>> Derek Knutson
6:35 AM (7 hours ago)
to me


I am deeply sorry i will not be able to come take a look at it due
to my wife who has just been delivered of our second baby. i just deem
it fit that i have to be with her for some necessities which she
wouldn't handle on her own and receive some visitors who will be
checking on the family to give their congratulatory messages. I want
you to consider it sold to me and i will immediately instruct my
finance person to make check of the exact amount to you and once you
receive the check, i will wait the appropriate time for it to be
confirmed cleared then i will handle the pick up by my pick up
agent. Please provide me with the following information below now in
order to get the payment to you.

(1) Your full name as it will appear on the payment.
(2) Your street address to ensure delivery in your courier service.
(3) Zip Code.
(4) Your phone number.

I am waiting to hearing from you.

Have a lovely day