River Chef
Just posted some items in GS, but can't add pics just yet.
How long is the turnaround for approval to add pics?
1.) where's the legend for the boater map icons? I have several different ones pop up around my location, I click them and it doesn't do anything...a small text box opens then closes a few seconds later. It's showing the red one (little waves) in several locations. Just trying to sort out what it indicates.
2.) when I open the near me map, it shows me being in Colorado. I've not messed with this feature much.
Any help...especially where to find the map legend for boater map would be awesome!
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Southeast US
Male 6'1
Boats I paddle: Karma M & Fun
First Season: 1995
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Tellico, NFFB, Doe Gorge, Wilson, Gragg Prong, Little Stony, Guest Gorge, Russell Fork Gorge, Big Creek, Triple Falls, Lower S Fk Powell, Manns, Nolichucky, Gauley, Dry Fork, Clear Creek...if it's got water...let's give'r
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