Team Geeze
Atlanta, Georgia
Male 5 ft 10"
Boats I paddle: Various Kayaks - Pyranha Burn, Karnali, Recoil, M3 and New Wave squirtboat (Hellbender). Yeah, I think that's the current inventory.
First Season: 1990
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Chattooga, Bear, Overflow, LRC/Johnnies, Cain/N. Chick, West Prong, Green, Russell Fork, Gauley, Raven Fork, Upper Santeetlah, Toxaway, Horsepasture, Callaghan BC, Birkenhead BC, Ohanepecosh, Icicle
Prisoner of Atlantalopolis, 'cause I'm a whore for the corporate paycheck. Work in R&D for medical device company in Cubicle-World, think "Office Space." Have boated in Chile, Costa Rica, Sierras, little bit O' Rockies & Cascades, S.E. - and big, beautiful B.C. Canada. Play some guitar, love music, escape to the mountains as often as possible for theraputic antidote to above.