Me boater... me go paddle... me eat rocks and sticks.
Colusa, CA
Male 5'11"
Boats I paddle: Sleek, Mr. Clean, Disco, Topo, Air 55, Big Gun, Corsica, Blunt, Mafia, Fish, Stinger, Critical Mass, Thruster, Cyborg
First Season: 1987
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: West Prong, Raven Fork, Whitewater, Green, Etc.
I started canoeing with my dad when I was 5 (1987). In 1996 I tried kayaking and soon said screw canoes. Don't get me wrong, OC1 is badass, but I don't like water pouring into my boat. These days I am running the hardest shit I can find. I have good judgement, but I am all about running some big, pucker your sphinctor, wish you had gills, kinds of rapids. I generally concider myself a precission boater (smooth lines baby), but I also like plugging it into the middle of the biggest hole I can find and going as deep as posible (get your mind out of the gutter you dirty bastard). My last swim was 2003 on the Green in a Topolino (aka hole bait). Have not had a swim since, and try to avoid it at all costs. I pretty much paddle anything that floats; be it a long boat, a creek boat, a playboat, or a squirt boat.

I like creeking and playboating about equally and I am at the top of my game in both. Just like creeking, the bigger the better. Back in the day, the list of tricks I could do was limited to spin, cartwheel, spin, cartwheel, but I can now do everything from huge Space Godzillas to Helixes. I like big waves and big meaty holes, but I will play in any feature I can find, even *gasp* flatwater.

If you see me on the river say hi, or hand me a beer, or smack me in the side the head... whatever you feel like at the time. I am super friendly and will give shuttle to anyone I can. I will also bumb shuttle even if it means riding on the roof or packing myself into the trunk of a car... I have no standards. I drive a dark green Honda Accord with allot of bumper stickers on the back, so give me a shout out if you ever see me.

My other outdoors sports include backpacking, droping off stuff with my mountain bike (it's a big DH rig), going big on skiis, and exploring caves (squeezing through 7" cracks, repelling 300' pits, etc.). To add to my eclecticism, I also play the Dumbek, brew hard cider, breakdance, and enjoy studying neuroscience for fun.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. If you see me chilling at a good wave, ask me to show you something big, and remind me that you are talking about kayaking. Take it easy and be safe out there.
Peace, Eli