Liquid Logic Remix 69: Fast & Fun

10 out of 10

I picked up my new Liquid Logic Remix 69 from Green River Adventures with a really nice discount. I then took the boat straight to Wilson Creek Gorge for its maiden voyage; I did a couple of practice rolls in a pool above Ten Foot Falls. The Remix rolled even easier than my Burn. As I ran the Mank above Ten Foot it was readily apparent the Remix was fast and boofed super easy. However the Remix did require a bit more effort to turn than a full on creek boat. The Remix also predictably interacts with rocks and ledges as your boof or bank through the mank. While not quite as stable as the Burn in squirrelly water, it was easy to stay on top of the Remix. The stern volume of the Remix is less than the Burn but after a couple of runs down Wilson Creek it did not seem to matter. The Remix is plenty of fun from the first paddle stroke. I had to brace a few times on my first run in the new boat but I did not flip; I had few braces in the second run. I am very pleased with the Remix 69 and would recommend one to any interested friends. I've posted a video of my first run in a remix at the following URL:
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