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9 out of 10

me; 5'11", 185#'s, size 10's, boating 9 years probably 100 days a year or better, class 3 to 4+, I mostly paddle a play boat but when I'm stepping it up,creeking or doing a self-support I use a river runner (20 to 30 days a year), similar boats I've owned and used for the same purpose; Jive 8'10",h2-zone 255, diesel 75. Well after 5 years and hundreds of river miles the diesel died and it was time for a replacement. At first I was looking at the new Super Hero,short,flat bottomed, (what I was use to) but I couldn't get past the outfitting or another diesel, but as much as I liked that boat the plastic was soft and the thing scratched & oil-canned early & badly. So since most of the local hot-shots live & die by their Jefe's, I took one's suggestion to take a look at a Remix. I checked it out on-line and purchased one with-out a test drive.I've had it now for 4 months and have made over 20 runs in it, mostly class 4 rivers but some creeks as well. I love this thing. Even though this boat is marketed as a beginner boat, It is so much more. It's a driver's boat; sit up with your weight forward, plan your strokes, lean into your turns, and you will be rewarded with a fast,smooth,nimble performer. Back seat drive and you'll see why you better not. So this baby is fast and responsive, rolls easily, is so comfortable that on a recent 21 mile class 4 run I only got out to scout, pee or eat. It rides high and dry. It will do a good job surfing green or surging haystacks waves. It's a lot of fun to paddle. what I'm not too crazy about is how hard it is to get stuff behind the seat, not impossible but not easy. When this one dies I'd buy another one in a heart beat! update...It's been over a year that I've owned this boat and I've spent a lot more time in it; couple of self supports (although nothing more than one night), plus hundreds more miles of class 4, both creeking and river-running. Everything I said about it before still holds true. But even more so; I like how this boat runs rivers and creeks even better than I did and I'm more frustrated with packing it with overnight gear. (I guess comfort has it's price). And, yes I'd buy another in a heartbeat!(update 1/16/11) OK, OK, I'm not the sharpest tack in the box but I'm persistant. I cut out 3" of foam from behind the seat and switched from the Watershed Futa stowfloats (dry but bulky) to the Seals stowfloats and packing overnight gear is now a snap.
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