About Local

So what it this whole Locals thing anyway?

It's a big world, and it's covered with a lot of water. Paddle sports can happen in so many different places. That makes for a huge community to keep track of. If you are only concerned with what is going on in your local area, then local sites are better suited to your needs. If you want to keep up with the entire world of paddling, then you want a site that covers to word.

At BoaterTalk, we are working to handle that problem.
Now, you can select various 'locals' that you are interested in, and we will show you the info you are looking for in that each local, or in all your selected locals at once.

Any site content tagged to a location will show up for you.

  • Add locals by clicking the '+' next to the Locals lable in your menu.
  • View all your local's content aggregated together by click on the Locals label in the menu.

And we allow you to simply surf the world if that interests you.

Check it out

And as we at BoaterTalk are a grass roots social platform, feel free to let us know what would be useful. Just message BoaterTalk with your suggestions and we will certainly consider them.

Thank you and enjoy!