About Groups

What makes Groups different?

BoaterTalk groups are a way for you to participate on BoaterTalk as a group. Groups can have as many members as it wants. Public, private, or hidden. They also have administrators of their own to help organize the group.

Who would want a group?

  • Do you and your friends get together often?
  • Do you have a localing paddling club?
  • Do you hold regular events? Community Rodeos?
  • Are you a non-profit?

BoaterTalk introduces the beta release of Groups.

Example Group: The Golden Games

So how much does it cost?

Right now? Nothing. Groups are currently free. Will that change? Maybe, but not during the beta cycle. Any groups you create now you can keep after beta is over, and for free.

Add in services also may or may not be charged for, and we will develop those as we move forward. The first of those services, the Discussion Board, is free to all groups.

Create a Group

If you would like to help with the future direction of Groups, please message BoaterTalk.

Questions can also be asked of The Group Group.