Soul Kayak - Booty Call - Creeker

For sale for $1200
I barely make it up to my local river and when I do, I keep it easy on class 3. Need to make room for an all arounder so I'm selling my barely used Booty Call from Soul Kayak. You all know Corran. You all know his designs. Great boat. currently not available from his site but to quote the description:

"To quote Corran Addison directly, “I wanted to go back to a simpler time with this design”. And we have. Everything about this boat has been rethought from the ground up. Which of the design features are necessary, and which are just pandering to fashion? What part of outfitting really contributes to control, and what just ads weight and complexity for showroom appeal?
The hull of this boat is simple, and fluid. It’s designed to flow with the water, not fight it. Quick acceleration, with great top end speed. It turns on a dime both on rail and flat, and resurfaces quickly with forward momentum: these are the attributes you’re looking for in a creek boat. You want it to boof just because you were thinking of boofing, accelerate to a fast cruising speed in just two or three strokes, and turn with so little effort that at the end of a long day you’re still full of energy. That’s how you have fun creeking. That’s how you stay safe."

Currently $2100 new online
stock photo

I've used it about 3x. Hull has some scratches but its nothing out of the ordinary and the boat is in great shape. Serious inquiries only
boat is located in Los Angeles, CA