Custom Built Heavy Duty Canoe Trailer @ Stone Mountain, GA

For sale for $750
One of a kind Located in Stone Mountain ,GA

Built using existing 4x8 frame then way over built for strength and endurance.

Tongue built with 4x4 1/4in steel

Triangular tongue bracing with 2in angle iron .

Tongue is length adjustable so can be adjusted to carry
16ft canoes and can be shortened it carrying smaller boats or using it as a trailer hauler.

Canoe tree built from 2in galvanized pipe. Double braced
Heavy duty steel bracing for lateral and longitudinal stability.

Base frame was wire brushed and primed with red Zinc chromate

Tongue wheeled jack. Makes it real easy to manually roll the trailer
to position and lower on tow ball.

Wiring was redone with new harness.

Custom build wood side rails using laped joints and galvanized lag bolts

Trailer plywood bed has some water damage (as pictured) but very usable
or easily patched over with 3/8th ply.

Tree is very securely attached to frame with hardebed 1/2in galvanzied bolts
but can be removed to use for use as stand alone canoe tree for storing canoes.

Wheel hubs have been grease packed.

Tires in good condition and includes spare wheel and tire.

$750 OBO