Pyranha Karnali Whitewater Kayak

For sale for $200
In words of Lionel Richie, the Karnali’s “easy like Sunday morning”. It’s rounded shape makes it a great boat to learn to roll in, the forgiving edges and semi-displacement hull are stable and inspire confidence, and the outfitting and build quality are top notch, which is typical of Pyranha Kayaks.

The more rounded a boat is, the easier it is to roll. As you can see from the photos, the Karnali has a clean, bulbous shape, which in a beginners world is a great thing. This can only help advanced paddlers as well. Hand rolls, will be that much easier to hit when your Seven2 snaps in the middle of Cherry Bomb Gorge. As for the semi-displacement hull and refined edges, beginning kayakers will notice the immediate stability which comes from the not-quite-flat-bottom, and will not have to deal with crisp edges like those on the Burn. This will greatly reduce the odds of catching the boats upstream edge while peeling out of eddies, as well as anywhere else on the river where unbeknownst current mysteriously grabs the rail of the boat. It appears that there is a good sized sidewall on The Karnali, so the secondary stability should be good too.

In the class V world, a more rounded hull and lighter edges will lessen the room for error on big drops. The Karnali is a fast boat which can be good for busting through powerful eddy lines, and building speed on sticky boofs. Waterfall landings should be a little softer in the Karnali, as opposed to the burn. The hull will be able to displace some of the water underneath it, creating a softer cushion in the landing zone.

Pyranha’s Connect 30 outfitting is durable and comfortable. Size Large.
Normal river rash, but No cracks, welds, oil canning, etc. Always stored inside. Located in Marietta, Ga