Liquid Logic Jefe Chico - Monterey, CA

For sale for $600
Local pickup only.

Whitewater kayak - Liquid Logic Jefe Chico. Creek boat in excellent condition. This picture is from the internet, but mine is in excellent condition - no dents, no oilcanning - was always stored indoors. This is a great kayak and has Liquid Logic Badass outfitting - the best seat and hip pads I've ever used.

The LiquidLogic Jefe Chico was designed with any smaller paddler in mind who's looking to boof, bounce and slide his or her way down the local creek. With a classic, narrow full displacement hull, it's ample volume, super-friendly bow and world-class safety features, the Chico will undeniably protect and inspire whitewater junkies the world over.

44 lbs.
Length: 7' 9"
Width: 26"
Cockpit: 32" x 20"
Volume: 69 gallons
Paddler weight: 75-165 lbs.