Fluid Do-It-Now

Fluid Do-It-Now: $859/$879/$899 (S/M/L). Usually about $110 to ship nationwide to freight hubs, more to home. Also in stock: Dope, Detox, Bazooka, bang, Big Bang, Spice, Element, Solo, Nemesis, Vaya, Anvil, Donsa, Vuvubat. Discounts for local pick up. Near Charlotte, NC. Custom color blends available on special order. Fluid Rec and Fishing kayaks available on special order. Call, text, or email if you have questions. Thanks! Rod Hunter ~ Fluid Kayaks USA ~ 803-417-5007 ~ fluidkayaksusa@gmail.com (BTW: I do support Boatertalk, even though my listing may not have the green background.)