disagree The TSA as far as I know is immune to lawsuits eminating from either a security breech or from enhanced screenings.
The one issue that I have been pretty consistantly reading is that people's belongings are being stolen from them while they have been pulled aside for the screenings. The TSA isn't liable for that, either. I wholly dismiss the "CYA" aspect of this deal. What this is, I think, is that a SHITLOAD of stimulus money has been funneled into a few companies building these machines and the screening process has been implemented by an incompetent federal beurocracy too fast.

The troubling development as of late is the revelation that once these goons pull you out of line you can't refuse it. It's either a pornoscan, groping or a $10,000 fine and a civil lawsuit. Travelers should be able to opt out of the whole deal and just say "OK, I don't like any of this, I just won't be flying today." It seems, from the story in SAN that this isn't an option.

I also feel like any of this would have been patently unacceptable under the former president and it would have been thouroly flogged through the news media - or at least much more than now. Moreover, when Obama waffled on his promise to end the more onerous aspects of the Patriot Act and instead affirmed it, he got a pass. So it was invasive and unconstutional under GWB, but reasonble under Obama. Maybe I'm missing something there...I dunno.

We're living in a police state people, and it's going to get much worse. What if they begin doing checkpoints at state lines that involve this sort of thing, plus a vehicle search? How about checkpoints at all tollbooths? Where's the locial and practical line between individual liberty and safety?

If you ask me, the terrosits have already won on this front, and I can imagine the laughter among them as they read our news. To me, this is the result of low-intensity wars. If we as a nation would just sack up and kill the enemy we may not need all of this. Of course I know that is an unpopular, non-PC statement but I'll stand by it. We entered into a war against a damned-near invisable enemy who has demonstrated a willingness to fight us to the last man on religious grounds. That, in turn, obliged us to kill the last man. It was either that, or don't get into the fight.