note For Sale - SUP for lightweight person or surfing
I'm selling a glass SUP in the gear swap section (Surftech Generator AST) that would be great for kids or young adults. It's a 9'6'' at 142 Liters which I'm thinking would be great for anyone in the 110-140 lbs weight range. I'm 160 and it works but rides a little low. However it's still fun and provides a great workout (planing hull with thin rails very much like a standard surfboard shape, triple fin layout if you want to surf as well). I really like how lightweight the board itself is, making it easy to carry and load and flick around in the water. I just have too many boards at this point and don't get this one out too much so would like to sell it. I'm in western NC area but will travel to Charlotte as well.
note Sold
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