disagree RE: Alaska...You're WAY WAY OFF David!
Your comments on Alaska surf conditions are pure conjecture...you really need to study your weather charts more closely and the 'lay of the land' of our North Pacific / Gulf of Alaska Coastline - which alone totals ~3-4 thousand miles of open ocean (the majority of which I've traveled, surfed and scouted via kayak).  Your statements are way off and simply not true!  

While the seasons may be a little shorter (governed only by one's abilty to withstand colder conditions and easily remedied with a drysuit) ...the average consistency, surfable conditions and wave heights rival, and depending on the year - surpass Hawai'i and Cali...don't take my word for it...research and read the data David...current and archived wind and wave charts are available on the .net !

Folks have been commenting for years that...no matter where the venue...quality conditions will only come to surfers and competition organizers who can WAIT...Nationals and Worlds should ALWAYS take place over extended waiting periods when and where the best conditions can be surfed and judged...the 'weekend warrior' approach will always be 'hit or miss'...there-in lies the real problem!

Fact ...many of the best surfers in the world, including Hawaiians, have been coming North for years - you won;t hear or read much about it (albeit the occasional surfer 'rag' article) as they're smart enough to keep the real treasures to themselves.

In regards to marketing...you're connotations are well taken...and it IS going to take 'major' marketing efforts to bring the US Surf Kayak scene out of it's current state...can you say stagnant...I've got to agree with Byron - relatively speaking - the scene IS 'dead'.  If it wasn't for a couple vibrant video features, clips and a few 'new boat'  promotions (and boatertalk of course)...we wouldn't hear squat.  Look at the US coverage of the last Worlds...pitiful!

I can tell you that Alaska can be, and always has been, a major attraction for every major media outlet in the US when it comes to alternative sport.  As Izzy notes...it's a perfect fit given the kayak history here, the quality of the surf and novelty of the setting!  I continue to say...."Alaska can put on a tremendous, world class event ...quality surf,  
world-wide exposure, tremendous side trips for the participants"...when the time is right!  Anyone who wants details on our management team, surf venues or any details is invited to come up and do what it takes to get comfortable with the scene here!

Your comments 'Martin sounds like quite the character but it seems to me he could sell iceboxes to Eskimos' could be taken personally...but I won't go there...I can put up in any small boat...in any ocean...and I have an MBA...whad'ya expect!  But really, coming from an 'ethnic' community like Hawai'i...you should know better...making ethnic comments like '....selling refrigerators to Eskimos'...my wife and children ARE Yup'ik Eskimo...it was 70 degrees here yesterday - my kids were kayaking and swimming in the Kuskokwim River all afternoon...we don't live in Igloos...we put up much of our food via subsistence harvest from the land and yes, refigeration is used vehemently for food storage...the slurs and stereotypes are as 'way off' as your ocean weather conjecture! 'tisk 'tisk 'shame on you'.

I've sat on the North Shore...at the Anahulu stream river mouth in Haleiwa Harbor...drinking some beers at the Mano O ke Kai canoe club while some of 'the legends' critiqued my days paddling and surfing...I had the sense to sit, listen and take it in and not talk about things I don't know                      ...oooouuucch!

Allow me the liberty to rub the 'awesome Alaska' in a little more...not only do we have the coastline...we've got the islands too            ...ooooooh!


BTW...I just returned from a solo circumnavigation of an Island in the North Pacific, about 3 times the size of O'ahu, with virgin breaks from horizon to horizon...didn't see another human for 10 days...only me and the seals in the line-up...sorry brah!  ;-}

Tongue in cheek David...just want to keep the 'Worlds' ball rolling for Alaska...nothing personal...




Hunt...FYI...oceanographers tracking north pacific gyre currents this year noted water temps of 65df + in the Gulf of Alaska...there has also been significantly more bycatch of warm water species of fish in Alaskan waters this year...who knows...BTW...nice Wave Witch web page!