question Definitions, questions, and comments
First, what would you consider the “primo” Hawaiian breaks that would qualify for a kayak championship event?  You are right that if you want to hold a contest on the north shore and did not get your permit request in by July you have no chance; if you got your permit in then your chances are slim to none.  BUT what compromises could be made?

Second, how sure are you about the surf in Alaska?  Martin sounds like quite the character but it seems to me he could sell iceboxes to Eskimos.  There are surely some days where the surf is great but how long do you have to wait for these conditons.  It seems hard to believe there would be enough good days of swell combined with acceptable local conditons for a multi-day contest.  I’d compare this to finding good surf days on our windward coasts – few and far between!

Third, how many people will travel all the way to Hawaii to participate in a contest?  If there were enough to get the interest of the local authorities then we might have something.  There are also some people who I might be able to talk into running such a contest (I burned out on being a promoter/race director years ago and promised my family that I would never do it again . . .).  The downside of this is that after the kayak hordes left the local paddlers (what few there are) would have to lie low for quite awhile.

Fourth, after taking this all into account California is by far the best spot to hold a “Pacific Ocean” surf contest.  It has numerous breaks, consistent surf, a large local paddling population, and easy access from the entire country (if not the world).  All that's left to find are new promoters and acceptable sites.  

In summary I think Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, etc. are best left for surf adventures with small groups of travellers (and maybe the odd tour guide).  Then again can you see a bigger group taking over one of the Fiji surf resorts for a week of free surfing and a contest . . . we could even let Vince "Longboard" Shay document the event.

Aloha - David