question Rafting the Lochsa next month
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Hi, new to the rafting forum, hope I am posting questions in correct area. :)
Myself and a group of friends are rafting the Lochsa in Idaho next month, supposed to be big water and COLD! We have run the Fu in Chili a few years back and the water was really cold for me. I think the Lochsa is going to be even colder, so I am reaching out to see if anyone has run the Lochsa in June and if they have any advice for a lady on the best gear to wear. I don't want to over dress and get hot or be uncomfortable, but I also know me and I don't want to get too cold either.

I plan to wear an NRS full 4/3 wetsuit and booties, do you think I should plan to wear fleece under the wet suite as well? Some say gloves are good, other say they don't work well with paddling, thoughts? Would a splash jacket be helpful or not necessary with full wetsuit?

Thanks in advance!
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