feedback 14-16' Self-Bailing boat iw a good start. I've a 14'er. Can be used as a paddle raft (wwith or w/o oars) or
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set up as an oar raft to carry lots of gear. Big enough for most rivers except the obvious ones where a larger craft is needed (GC, Cataract Canyon at certain levels). Even use it here in Arkansas for some day trips on the bigger creeks and rivers. Planning a multi-day on the Buffalo (I-II) with it so we can luxury camp.

Thwarts are removable in my boat for when I put the frame on it. They go back in for paddle rig set-up only.

I've a Hyside bought back in early 2000's. Lots of options as far as brands now especially with the addition of Star and Rocky Mountain Rafts. Might find a used rig for sale on Mountainbuzz if you keep an eye on it. They tend to go quick..
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