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I have been oar rafting for two years. started in guide school on upper Klamath, one week Nantahala, river rescue III Nantahala, training on big south fork at 11.5 K (swam twice temp 32), New river at 0 - 2 ft, also at 4 and 6 but very intimidating even w mentor in boat. All this was preparation for GC July 2016 non-commercial. Did that, rowed about 200 of the 226 mi including most of major 8's and Lava. I have my own equipment (14 NRS, and 9.5) both w oar frames. My rowing buddy (and mentor) from TN has taken a full time job and doesn't have time for the big trips to W.Va and S. KY. so I have been unable to run whitewater since getting back from GC. looking for other experienced rowers to make trips with. Also local in 9 foot (Louisvill) rivers at flood stage, usually I and II w strainers.
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feedback Rowing partners frauguide New
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