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I went down to gauley fest this summer and ran Lower G, in a hardboat, and was solid on it. So solid that I went out the next day on the Upper. Did pretty well on the upper, a couple rolls and 1 swim. I understand the gauley is still a lot smaller, in terms of cfs, than the New, but I did feel pretty comfortable on UG and LG in the hardboat. It's been a long time since I've been on the new but if I remember correctly the lines on the New felt pretty similar to those on the Lower Gauley? Big holes, but the lines to avoid them are pretty clearly visible and fairly easy. Some undercuts to worry about, etc.

But anyway, if I were to get on this river without a guide, how would you recommend we go about doing so? I understand the concern about going without a guide and if I really feel like I'm not ready for it then we won't go on the trip. But I think it's unlikely I could get the club to pay for us to go on a guided rafting trip. They're gonna look at me and say "Well if we have to pay to go on a rafting trip, why do we even have a raft?"

My main concern isn't my ability to read water, or handle myself on class IV - low V, I know I can do that. I'm more worried about my ability to handle a RAFT in those sorts of situations. I've never had any formal raft guide training, I just use my general whitewater knowledge and what I've picked up from watching guides and such. So I guess the biggest question I have is if I get out in a raft a little more on LY, and get to the point where we're really crushing all the lines, is that enough practice/a hard enough river to adequately prepare me, as a guide, for NRG?

Like I said I know that the advice is to go with a guide, but I think that might not be an option. It might be: I guide or we don't go. I just want to reiterate that if there's no way for us to adequately prepare we just won't go. I don't want anyone to think that I'm just gonna disregard all of your advice and go anyway. I just want to be sure we can't do it *Safely* by ourselves before I dismiss the idea entirely.
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