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back in my hard shell kayak days, I was a solid class 4 kayaker.

one of my SE hard shell kayak buddies set up a trip to lower yoch and we also ran the New same trip covered in this post.

I had been paddling many years, long time WW kayak instructor and knew how to read water on a reliable basis.

My bud was very experienced with the New. I am /was more of a creek boater used to running difficult drops but for the most part could do a good eddy scout and see most of the lines.

We hit the New and right off the bat I told my long time Bud, I was out of my element in this big wide powerful run. Asked him to eddy out and describe the lines to me and I would follow him down at a safe distance between kayaks.

This he did on all the drops and there are plenty to deal with. My bud did an outstanding job with the lines for me and another good kayaker but first timers on the New. We had zero issues and it was a great day on a class river I had wanted to run for many years.

Bottom line, if my bud whom I had known and boated with for decades had not been along to guide me down, I would have hiked back to the put in probably after the first or couple drops. With a good guide who takes the time to show newbies lines, this is one heck of a fun trip. My opinion tho first timers even experienced boaters need qualified guides the first few times down. Long rapids, powerful current even lower levels and plenty of places boaters do not want to go at any levels. None of us swam on my first timer float, but most of the rapids would be long dangerous swims even with a kayak tow even at low CFS for the run.

Running the New in my opinion is not the place to take any chances. Having said that when the time is right and you have a guide, this is a must do classic run that is highly recommended.
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th_up I kind of grew up on the New lrcable New
th_up Agree with above MikeyBoat New