note Looking for local Montana boaters for Big Timber this July
Hey Montucky Boaters,

I lived out there for 5 years and I'm returning to Big Timber where I used to live about 45min from Half Moon. I've been boating for over 15 years and I'm bringing a couple of other solid boaters from The Asheville NC area.

I don't remember the entire run or don't feel 100% comfy leading others down Big T. I paddled with Andy Hoover, Wes Heustess and Barry Bower, if you know any of them. I'm in touch with them still but they may not be available to boat with during my week out there.

If there is anyone or group familiar enough and cool enough to lead us down Big T sometime in July, that would be awesome!! Could pay in Beer or money or trade for Eastern knowledge and places to stay out East. I also get ProDeals and could hook someone up with 40-50% off in new boat/gear.


Jesse McKeever