more And was caught in the act of abusing underager boys, not just texting inappropriate images.
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Additionally, this is the party of fundamentalist "Christian" morals. You know that party that is continually attacking lbgt rights. The party that has established laws to "save" woman from transgenders molesting them in public restrooms, despite the fact that that has never happened, but criminal lewd behaviour in public rest rooms has been documented about congressional members of this party. Also, these abusive, intrusive laws have actually precipitated harassment and violence against woman who did not physically manifest the stereotypical outward appearance these bigots have established in their twisted minds.

Oh the hypocrisy of the party that wants less laws, yet establishes laws that would make me show them my pecker and birth certificate to take a leak in a public rest room.

Whenever I hear these BS rationalizations based on completely irrelevant grounds dues to magnitudes of difference it makes it very hard for me not to shout out how stupid this irrational equivalence.

In conclusion, all I have to say is Dennis Hastert!
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