smile At least some of those are true...
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I would especially note that on item 55 that the accusation was made by women who have accused her husband of unwanted sexual advances. There is a difference between going after the consensual ones like Monica and the non-consensual ones like Juanita and Paula.

On 26, I think it was the NYC press corp that complained that she had dumped her hair stylist and dressed like the queen of England on her first day in the Senate. Generally they were people who generally supported her and seemed genuinely distressed over the situation.

I have never heard of 27 with her - mostly with Michelle. Hillary has always been accused of shopping at a N. Korean Walmart.

On item 37, the interesting part is that everybody else associated with the land deal went to jail.

58 would not have been so bad if she didn't claim to be poverty stricken at the time, yet still manage to pay for it.
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